Unit 26-L.O.4 Recommend improvements to a supply chain strategy for an organization

Course: Pearson BTEC Levels 4 and 5 Higher Nationals in Business

It is important for organizations to have a supply chain strategy in place that will allow them to be competitive and profitable. The organization needs to assess their risks, identify what they want out of the supply-chain process, and make sure they are partnering with the right suppliers.

The supply chain is one of the most important aspects of an organization’s success and profitability. Without properly managing the supply chain, companies could lose money because they are losing sales or having to pay more for raw materials than average prices. Companies can compete by being as efficient as possible. This entails reducing lead time and transportation costs while keeping inventory at a minimum.

Analyzing a supply chain:

It is desirable to maintain a negative trend in order to ensure that demand for the product doesn’t exceed production levels and limit growth opportunities. It may also mean that you should be focusing on diversifying the product line to avoid being too reliant on one supplier or resource.

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A positive trend would, then, involve tracking an increase and maintaining it while establishing a plan for scaling up production when needed. You can, of course, prefer a trend more often opposed if you want innovation in your business model by identifying new, previously unexplored lines of innovation such as reimagining how products are delivered and consumed at the same time.

Identifying and analyzing issues and problems within a supply chain.

Identifying and analyzing problems within a supply chain is one of the many duties of logisticians and logistics managers in order to help balance demands for goods.

As such, it’s usually only done by members of a company that has specialized education in this field. But if you are not yet employed with these interests, but would love to be, then there are three things you can do to prepare yourself-

1) taking classes apart from your degree in business or engineering;

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2) networking with those individuals already satisfactorily engaged with these careers;

3) working at a supply store or warehouse on weekends or evenings while taking community courses.

Developing justified recommendations for change:

Critical, creative, and retrospective thinking supported by evidence to inform plausible and appropriate recommendations.

Critical, creative, and retrospective thinking supported by evidence helps one identify problems through a systematic approach.

One would start with identifying what is the problem? The next one needs to explore the roots of the problem/ issue. Then one could examine how it affects others or if there are any suggested solutions that have been attempted in other instances. All these steps should lead to plausible and appropriate recommendations.

Effective record keeping:

Lessons learned logs, feedback reports, and fault registers

All of these things are types of “inspection” records. But each one is different, and each has its own nuances and specific functions in other parts of supply chains.

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Lessons learned logs capture what went wrong and any corrections or improvements that have been made.

Feedback reports evaluate products by customer review, information on marketing initiatives, competitive analyses, etc.

Fault registers include both line-item fixes (minor adjustments) to the product as well as more significant physical changes–anything from new model introductions to manufacturing facility upgrades–in order to correct previously unmet quality standards for a given product. All three provide valuable feedback to customers through demonstrated conscientiousness in correcting production issues related entirely within the company system itself.

Encouraging internal identification and record of issues/problems with suggestions for a resolution.

To start, it is important to identify the problem areas in your supply chain management. It sounds like you are coordinating with vendors who may have been supplying out-of-specification products.

There are a few steps you can take to verify that this is the issue.

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First, compare purchase order data against inventory records; traces of out-of-spec products should be apparent there.

Then look for sequences of “a lot” not going into stock or being removed from stock through physical check – any indications that when an item was ordered they didn’t get enough inventory and so their demand wasn’t met?

Finally, consider where else in your system possible improvements might be made if you determine that this is what’s happening – did suppliers deliver the wrong product at some point, or are they just using a timer-based replenishment approach?

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