Unit 19 Resource and Talent Planning Assignment Sample – BTEC-HND-LEVEL 4

This assignment sample allows students to develop an understanding needed to ensure that an enterprise acquires all necessary skills. It can apply them as and when required to meet the strategic goals. Sustainable growth and development of industry require proper reevaluation of talents. It allows management to plan a training program for the existing employees.

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Nevertheless, management has to hire new talents to support the business’s growth and reinstate those who left the team.

This assignment sample focuses on the latter and involves students learning that offers knowledge regarding succession planning, talent management screening, and recruiting fresh employees.

The knowledge, understanding, and skill set that students will gain on completing this unit will enhance their career opportunities.

It helps them to determine whether to set up their own business or being employed by an organization. On completing the assignment, students will be able to add value to the organization. They will apply their knowledge and support senior-level management and contribute towards the HR management function of an enterprise. Readers will appreciate how different businesses get managed and can contribute to effective talent management.

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Talent management and resourcing are the most critical processes. Recently Industry giants are emphasizing talent management procedures in which they motivate taskforces to hone their talents and abilities for extended periods.

To maximize the effectiveness of the HR management function, proprietors ought to determine their staffing requirements. Create an organization graph, outlining the job responsibilities and deciding job roles based on the abilities of individuals. Management notes down job descriptions to verify whether the tasks that employees should perform got assigned or not.

Include tasks that lack adequate employees, and eliminate individuals that do not fit into your organization chart. Once management figures out the redundancies and bottleneck issues, it can take proper measures to resolve them.

  • Budget

Budget is a crucial factor to consider when assessing the staffing requirements of an organization. Departments like customer service, production, and warehousing require skilled, proficient employees. Management obtains the essential resources to employ people from increased revenues. Positions that add value to the company require managers to acquire resources for recruiting employees.

Management can lower the base pay to extend the staffing budget. Voluntary benefits wouldn’t cost much but can reduce payroll expenses, and offer low-key benefits to the employees to pay for their health insurance or funds.

  • Workplace productivity Trends

Workplace productivity forms a trend, and management figures out whether the productivity is rising or falling in the company. It is essential to create an optimal, positive work environment to get the most out of the existing employees. A position workplace includes training, and wellness program, job descriptions and annual audits, employee newsletters.

  • Comply with regulations and legislations

Business proprietors consult security and employment experts, insurance companies, and fire departments, ensuring that they cover all the legal prerequisites that apply to the employees. It requires management to follow the federal and state law laws, create a safe workplace, enforce company policies, and tax payments.

  • Honing Employee Skill Sets

As the company grows, proprietors discover operational and administrative needs that won’t be fulfilled by existing employees. They can include training and employee education programs, send employees to seminars and conferences instead of hiring new staff.

M1: Analyze the importance and values of employee relations in accomplishing business outcomes

Good employees act as assets for a company. Good employee relationships ensure a healthy bond between employers and employees. Maintaining a healthy relationship between an employer and employee is vital for the company’s success. It implies that with a strong employee relationship in place, employees are bound to be more productive, less conflicting, and more loyal. Considering this fact, you need to check whether your company is performing at its peak. If not, it is due to the lack of strong interpersonal relationships between employers and employees.

This section highlights the benefits of a strong employee relationship.

  • Heightens employee loyalty

They don’t leave their job, but employees leave their bosses. Employees don’t have a second thought of leaving their job if they find that the work environment is not accommodating enough. It happens when employers overlook the need for improving employee relationships.

Neglecting the need for improving employee relationships won’t only cause them financial losses, but it harms their brand reputation, hence restricting the talent acquisition. So, employers need to consider employee perspectives and their career growth.

  • Employee motivation

Healthy employee relations motivate them to work harder and give their best at the workplace. Employers should know that good relation isn’t limited to communication, but it also includes evaluating employee performances. Employees like it when they find managers appreciating their efforts and motivated employees contemplate as supportive team members.

  • Improves employee’s confidence and trust

Nurturing confidence and trust in the workplace needs efforts from employees and employers. If you compare success and achievement as a jigsaw, employee relations is perhaps the most critical piece of the pule.

Sound employee relations form the basis of the foundation of confidence and trust in an organization. Most companies have a dedicated relationship manager for the same purpose. It is their responsibility to ensure that efforts for improved relationships are on track.

Nevertheless, confidence and trust at the workplace depend largely on the communication between employers and employees.

  • Better Employee engagement

Employee engagement refers to the efforts employers put to engage their employees. It incorporates everything from ensuring better communication to rewarding the top performers at the workplace.


Engaged employees yield better outcomes and effective growth in the organization that they work. Executing engagement surveys and taking necessary measures becomes easier with healthy workplace relationships.

Having proper employee relationships is an integral part of implementing employee engagement programs. When the employees share honest feedback, it becomes easier for management to take measures, ensuring improved engagement.

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D1: Explore mechanisms for effective employee relation management and justified solutions for organizations

Workplace relationships get affected by factors that influence the strategic relationship between employers and employees. Strong employee relation management mechanisms involving developing a work environment that gives what people want.

Employers want to have a positive notion of what they do, and where they work. Employers feel positive about performance, productivity, and developing future leaders. An impactful employee relation strategy incorporates employee engagement, leading to improved performance.

  • Develop a favorable work environment

As mentioned above, employees want to feel good about what they do and where they work. Discuss the values that represent your company, and promote them accordingly. Convey the same to every individual working in the company, as it would help them to align their behavior with the company’s success.

  • Improve employee engagement

Productive Employees are assets for companies, so management ought to instill a sense of belonging. Allow them to willingly accept the company’s policies and standards. Management should encourage group work, as it allows employees to communicate with one another. Allow them to work together, and make their own decisions. A team leader ought to supervise them, and intrude only when needed.

  • Performance Evaluation Mechanisms

Management should appreciate employees for performing well, and provide them rewards. Encouragement and appraisal make employees perform based on the expectations of the top-tier management. Ensure that the company has proper appraisal in place so that employees can perform up to the mark.

P2: Outline Fundamentals of employee laws

HRs is professionals that are accountable for managing employees within businesses while complying with the laws that govern employer obligation and employee rights. If an organization violates ever-changing and Complex regulations, it gets exposed to risks including lawsuits, reputation, and financial losses.

Since ignorance might lead to serious problems, HR managers need to possess knowledge of the HR laws and legal issues that may arise in the workplace.

Avoid committing serious Employment mistakes

It is an area where you can take necessary measures to minimize the risk of committing expensive mistakes. Hiring an incapable person for Job might cause you to lose time on a project, or litigation when trying to terminate the employee. Unfortunately, even a small mistake might land you in trouble.

Understanding the basics of employee would help you to avoid committing mistakes,

Job description or Advertisements

To find out the best applicants for a vacant post, employees need to write a proper description for the job that ought to get done. The job description should include the following information:

  • Purpose of the job, and skills that an employee should have to perform the job.
  • Additional responsibilities that employees should perform time and again. However there is a word of caution, as the responsibilities are reluctant, the employer might be unfairly incapacitating the
  • The job description should include the special skills required to perform a job including handling a piece of heavy machinery, or a specific programming language.

Since the 1990 act of disability, employers are requested not to discriminate or disqualify an individual based on his disability. An employer should consider 3 things when matching the Criteria and the applicant’s ability to perform the job.

  • Employers should not disqualify applicants with limitations from employment consideration because of their ability to perform marginal or non-essential Job functions.
  • Selection criteria that are eliminating in nature are job-related, and essential for a business to run.
  • Employers need to make necessary arrangements for disabling employees if they get selected for the job role.

Immigration law

Federal law prohibits employers from hiring undocumented aliens. At the time of hiring an employee, employers need to make them fill in an I-9 form. It allows the employers to check the social security number of the employees to verify their identities and capacity to work.

Employers need to keep the form for 3 years, or one year after the employee leaves the job. They should get prepared to display the form to the UK immigration or labor officials department.

Civil rights law requires employers to keep the resumes of employees to avoid charges of inequality or following unfair hiring practices. You can keep the reviews for a year or as long as you want. You can keep an active status; it’s advisable to keep the resumes for an equal period.

Employee files

It is advisable to maintain an employee file every time you hire an employee. The file should include information including resume, hiring contract, W-4 form, and performance appraisal. It is better not to give information irrelevant to the job, as it might work as evidence against you.

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P3: Explain the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of employees and employer in an organization

  • The responsibility of the employer is to provide a safe and hygienic work environment to the workers. They need to ensure that the company has safe pieces of machinery, systems in place.
  • Factories should have proper arrangements for making safe use of toxic chemicals or products. Managers should ensure that the employees follow regulations for storing and using such substances.
  • At the time of training, employers should provide information related to safety and precaution to the employees. Employers should abide by government rules regarding purchasing new machinery and equipment.

Purpose of HRM

The purpose of hrm is to train and recruit capable employees. HRM aims to retain employees in the company in the long run. HRM of an organization takes necessary actions for honing the abilities and skills of the employees. HRM ensures that employees are productive and create value for the company.

HR management includes two main sectors that relate to recruitment and training of employees. It has a separate provision for training, development, and education within the organization. Progress in the organization depends on these two sectors.

Vital functions of the HRM within the organization are as follows:

  • Exploring and developing assets of Human Resources
  • Planning, training, and selection of Human Resources
  • It discovers organizational goals and offers adequate human resources to meet the short-term and long-term goals.
  • To retain productive and profitable employees, and provide them lucrative compensations. It ensures that employees stay with the organization for longer periods.
  • HRM activities include the development of culture, corporate plans, and activities. They act as a consultant, facilitator, and initiating modifications in marketing plans.

Compare best fit and best practice Human resource management policies

The best-suited approach states that HRM regulations should include rewarding practices.

The best-practice HRM approach states that employee appraisal should coordinate with the marketing strategies of organizations.

The best practice approach aims at improving the performance of the employees and motivates them for the same.

The best-fit rule helps to achieve the competitive advantage of the company.

Hard HRM

In Hard HRM, employees get utilized as resources of the corporate associations. They establish a strong connection with business planning. In the Hard HRM model, human resource management focuses on the needs of the task force, recruiting and managing professionals as per organizational needs.

Soft HRM

In soft HRM, employees get treated as one of the primary resources of the organization and help the business to gain a competitive advantage. In this model, HRM would focus on satisfying the needs of the employees based on their responsibilities and roles with added benefits of appraisal and reward system.


Employers and employees ought to understand their duties and rights at the workplace. Employees need to read the contracts that they sign at the time of accepting the joining letter, as it includes details, responsibilities, rights, rules, and regulations.

Browsing company sites might prove to be beneficial, as employees would know what should be done and what shouldn’t be done.

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