Unit 12 Organizational Behavior Assignment Solution

The assignment requires students to prove their information literacy and communication skills. The assignment is challenging and takes a lot of time in evaluation and research. It identifies the impact of politics and culture on organizational behavior. It shows how team leaders contribute towards accomplishing the objectives of an organization. It identifies the key influences that make people react, and how they react.

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MKTG310 Organizational Behavior Assignment Solutions

Organizational behavior analyses the impact of group and behavior on organizational structure. Organizational behavior study influences the productivity and the improvisation of processes. Behavior study interprets behavior to deal with the human resources of the enterprise.

If you are studying HR management, you’ll come across HRM assignments. Organizational behaviour is one of them. Organizational behavior Assignment assesses the impact of group behavior on businesses. It assesses the implementation of innovative ideas to improve efficiency.

  • Assess the influence of power, politics, and culture on organizational behavior.

Culture pertains to the values, beliefs, and norms followed by members of organizations. There are four categories of culture relying on the person, role, task, and potential.

Theories for recognizing culture include the Principle of System and Network model. It includes Hofstede’s dimension and organizational psychology. The impact of politics and power is important for understanding organizational behavior.

Power dynamics through the hierarchical structure & decision-making fosters an understanding of individual behavior.

  • How to motivate teams and individuals to meet organizational goals

Motivation refers to inspiring individuals to do something for individual and organization benefits. Extrinsic motivation relates to external factors like payment and rewards. Internal motivation comes from self-inflictions. Internal factors like the urge to perform better, and appreciating role models.

In general, there are two types of motivational theories. Interpreting EI by communicating with members, and understanding leadership-task relationships foster task accomplishments.

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  • How to communicate with others within an organization.

It is imperative to understand how a group performs problem-solving, functions, and projects. Networking helps to develop a virtual team. Belbin’s typology and Tuckman’s development provide an understanding of team development. Cooperation, hard and soft communication prompt reduction of conflict.

  • Apply philosophies and concepts of organizational behavior to given situations.

Path goal leadership theory explains how to improve team performance. It helps to remove barriers to effective communication within an organization. Implementing organizational change through the strategic decision-making process is necessary. Contingency and Social capital theory help to understand organizational goals, making appropriate changes.

  • Align the organizational process with the structure.

Warren explained that the organizational structure should match with the process. The video illustrates the importance of coherence between processes and structure. It explains the need to boost the efficiency of alignment for improved performance.

  • Match the informal and formal elements of business processes with external factors.
  • Consider the impact of organizational processes while implementing changes.
  • The responsibilities of employees to meet processes depend on their abilities to perform.

What is emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence enables you to manage and identify organizational codes of conduct. It includes skills, the ability to recognize emotions and apply them to problem-solving.

It is the ability to regulate or manage emotions and includes calming down or cheering up others.

Analyze the importance of soft skills for group members and managers.

Soft skills (aka emotional intelligence) allude to the ability to communicate with others. Its ascribes could affect communications, interpersonal relationships, and interaction with team members. Soft skills can include, or relates to the following:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Consumer service
  • Networking skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Negotiation
  • communication
  • Group work
  • Problem fixing
  • Working under stress

Importance of Soft Skills in organizational management.

  • Soft skills are an integral part of retaining and acquiring clients.
  • Presentation and networking skills help you to get customers. It allows you to get new work from present customers. Honing your talents to deal with resolving conflicts. Problem fixing and customer service foster stronger relationships with colleagues and other contacts.
  • Robust soft skills help you to gain confidence. It is an invaluable element in the corporate world.

Leadership Theories and principles

  • Task-based leadership hypothesis

Task-based leadership theory depicts leadership that accomplishes tasks. It focuses on delineating assignments to workers. Moreover, task-oriented leader designs procedures and plans to educate subordinates based on strategies. It outlines guidelines for assessing task performance. Task-centre leaders plan their activities relying on targets that finish on time.

  • Relationship-oriented leadership theory

Relationship-oriented leadership theory talks of leadership, which relates to interpersonal relationships. Its leaders act as mentors to their subordinates. They take out time to interact with their subordinates. It is how they incorporate their feedback into decisions. They strive to make the job experience enjoyable, fostering a positive work environment

The psychodynamics approach analyses the psychological force that influences human thoughts and sentiments.

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