Unit 11 Research Project Assignment Sample – BTEC-HND-LEVEL 4

The goal of this assignment is to engage learners in sustained research in their pathway of study. It enables the learners to assess and explore a relevant and recent topic of interest that relates to the business environment and their pathway of study.

This management assignment enables students to present their ability and capacity to identify a research theme, research objectives, and goals and demonstrate their skills in written and verbal formats.

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On completing the task, students will get motivated to participate in research and problem-solving activities, which is the task of a company’s manager. It helps students develop the skills and merits needed to resolve workplace issues. Make the right decisions and present evidence to the stockholders of the company in an acceptable format.

Assignment solutions of HND Research Project

Culture refers to the set of values that creates a direct impact on the behavior of people. An organization recruits people from different cultural backgrounds that work together and contribute to accomplishing organizational goals. Henze stated that caste and creed determination creates issues in retaining talents in an organization for long periods. So, an organization needs to maintain cultural diversity by implementing effective HR strategies.

This unit reviews the significance of maintaining cultural diversity in the effective running of an organization.

LO1: Suitable research methodologies and approaches

Two companies made a deal of six years where Tesco got the rights of mineral water distribution in Ireland and the UK. Marketers realize that the company is not doing justice as its main focus should be on fruit juices, as opposed to the distribution and selling of mineral water. It necessitates the formation of a marketing plan to increase the likelihood of the success of the brand.

It’s purely mixed research as it incorporates both qualitative and quantitative research with the help of its secondary and primary databases. The collected data gets analyzed to reach conclusions and plan marketing strategies for the company to achieve its goals and objectives.

Objectives and goals of the research

Goals: The main goal of the research is to identify the scope of the mineral water industry in Ireland and the UK, and to find out strategies to ensure the success of the organization.

Objectives: it can be described as a combination of goals needed to get the task done within the timetable. The main objectives of the research are as follows

  • To recognize the target market of mineral water in Ireland and the UK.
  • Keep a track of the success of flavored water In Ireland and the UK.
  • To assess the customer feedback on flavored water in the UK.

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Literature review

Market research refers to the activity that includes the collection of data related to customer needs and expectations. It helps the organization to recognize the opportunities and take proper measures, evaluate action needed to identify the target audiences. It also promotes decision-making activity on future activities.

Market research takes place in two phases including primary and secondary research, wherein data gets collected and analyzed in multiple methods.

Companies launch new products and services to meet the expectations and demands of consumers. Not all succeed in pleasing consumers, as there is a lack of proper planning in the marketing strategies. Market research is one such tool that ensures the success of the product in the market by matching the needs of consumers with the product features. Market research incorporates follows the process that deals with identifying target customers and products, determining the strategy, and present its USP.

Philip Kotler, the marketing expert, proposed several marketing theories. Theories include Marketing Mix or the 4Ps of marketing. Kotler stated that a marketing mix is a combination of variables that influences the consumer’s response. These four variables identify and analyze the USP of a product or brand.

Analyze and conduct research that’s important for a business research project

Introduction: It is the most important segment of research that includes all the techniques and methods used in the report. Students should know that the onion research method is used in the research.

Research theory: Saunders proposed the onion research theory that’s being used in market research. The onion theory states that research gets conducted in steps or sequence, in a stepwise process just like the layers of an onion.

Research philosophy refers to the ideology of the research. It is based on reality, which implies that it is more over-optimism or positivism.

Research technique: It is the third phase of the research that emphasizes the approaches followed in the research. Some of the research approaches are as follows:

Quantitative technique: in this Research approach data gets collected in the Mathematical fawn and gets analyzed by statistical methods.

Qualitative technique: in this research method data is collected and analyzed in detailed and descriptive form.

Research tactics: it is the fourth stage of market research that States the techniques and strategies used to carry out the research.

Research choices: it tells about the choices made in the research process that might include a mixed approach that’s a combination of the quantitative and qualitative approach in which data gets collected.

Research procedures and techniques: every scientific management research includes sampling theory. In this case, a random sampling technique is used to collect and organize data. Here, the sampling size is 100.

To carry out the research, data gets collected from secondary and primary sources. The company collects primary data from questionnaires filled by potential consumers of flavored water, while secondary data gets collected from articles, journals, and websites. It collects data from the potential consumers of TESCO, as these people purchase products from the company. Thus, they form the target market for purchasing flavored water.

Ethics: The Company conducts market research considering the ethical standards. Words included in the research should not harm the sentiments of people.

Validity and reliability of research: Data collected, analyzed, and used in the market research is reliable and valid, as it gets referenced.

Time frame: It is a graphical representation of the time needed to complete the project. It includes the set of activities needed to complete within a timetable for the successful completion of the project.

How tools like interviews and questionnaires ease data analysis.

Data Analysis helps to collect quality evidence that answers all the questions that are raised. Data collection helps organizations to deduce valuable information important to make insightful decisions.

Information should get collected such that it becomes easy to make informed decisions And Draw factual inferences. At the end of the section, students will understand why a proper data collection method is important to achieve goals and objectives. We will first start with the definition of Data Collection and then move onto the data collection procedures.

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What is data collection?

Data collection refers to the process of analyzing and collecting specific information needed to Point out solutions to relevant questions and assesses the result. Data collected is subjected to hypothetical testing that explains the outcome of a phenomenon.

Hypothetical testing eliminates baseless assumptions while forming propositions from the basis of logic.

For the data collector, there are several outcomes of Data that get analyzed or collected. However, the key purpose of Data Collection is to position the collector, So that he can make proper predictions of future trends and opportunities.

  • Data gets collected in two forms such as primary and secondary data.
  • The primary data gets gathered by the research from sources.
  • Secondary data gets analyzed by someone other than the user.

What are the Categories of Data Collection

Before moving on to the data collection methods and strategies, it is imperative to know the technology of data collection.

Data collection falls under two categories: primary data collection and secondary data collection.

Primary data collection refers to the process in which raw data gets collected from sources. Here, data gets collected by the researcher for a specific purpose. Primary data collection gets further categorized into qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research incorporates the process of collecting and assessing graphical or numerical data. The research follows the Quantitative approach to make predictions. It discovers and accesses the patterns.

Quantitative Research finds its application in chemistry, psychology. It gets used in biological sciences, economics, marketing, and even sociology.

Quantitative analysis helps to find out solutions to the following queries:

  • How did the global temperature change in the past five years?
  • Does pollution affect the prevalence of rare species?
  • Does working from home boost the productivity of quarantined employees?

Quantitative research Methodologies

Experts use Quantitative analysis for correlation, experimental and descriptive research.

  • A descriptive study provides you with a summary of study variables.
  • Descriptive research provides you with the relationship between variables in your study variables.
  • Descriptive research finds out whether a cause-and-consequence relationship exists between your study variables.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research involves analyzing non-numerical data (e.g. video, text, and sound, audio). Either gain insight into the problem or produce new ideas for market research.

Qualitative Research finds its application in sociology, health sciences. It gets used in history, education, and even anthropology.

  • How do adults feel about a healthy diet in the UK?
  • How do social media affect teenagers in the UK?
  • How can educators integrate social issues into education?

Qualitative research Methodologies

The qualitative analysis makes use of a couple of data collection strategies. Some of the Qualitative research Methodologies are as follow:

  • Discussion: ask questions or in a one-to-one communication setup.
  • Observation: Record your realizations or things that you might see, hear in detail.

M1: Limitations and Pitfalls of the data collection strategies and methods

This section compares and contrasts the most popular data collection strategies and techniques.

Data Collection Procedures

Interview: An interview is an interaction between the interview and interviewee. The company conducts interviews either in a face-to-face conversation or through video conferencing apps and tools.

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Merits of data collection through interviews

  • Accurate information and screening: The interviewee can’t provide vague or false information about his age, gender, creed, or caste.
  • It allows the interviewers to ask additional and follow-up questions to understand motivation, attitudes, etc.
  • It allows the interviewers to gather raw tone, voice, and word choices, which provides them with detailed information and makes insightful decisions.

Demerits of data collection through interviews

  • It is expensive as it requires staff to perform a staff member to take the interview.
  • The quality of data assessed and collected relies on the ability of the interviewer to collect data.
  • It is a time-consuming process that relies on a series of activities including transcription, reporting or organizing, etc.

Questionnaies and surveys

For the last twenty years, the use of online surveys and questionnaires to collect data skyrocketed.

Merits of data collection through surveys and Questionnaires

  • Online surveys offer ease of data collection and analysis. With an online survey, it becomes easy for the researcher to reach hundreds or more respondents at a time.
  • Online surveys are easily accessible and can be conducted through online channels like websites, mobile apps, and emails.
  • An online survey is cost-effective in comparison to other data collection procedures.
  • The online survey makes it easy to analyze and present data with diverse data visualization processes.
  • It eases the collection of a wide variety of data that includes values, opinions, and attitudes.

Demerits of data collection through Questionnaires and surveys

  • Respondents may not give honest replies, as there are people who participate in surveys to get the survey reward.
  • As there is none to explain the survey, respondents might misunderstand or misinterpret the survey questions.
  • Some questions will likely remain unanswered, and participants might not remain fully engaged till the end.

Focus Study

A Focus study includes a group of selected audiences that discusses a particular topic. Individuals take part in a group discussion and try to influence each other during the discussion. A moderator leads the focus group.

Merits of data collection through focus study

  • Focus study makes it easy to measure the perspectives of the participants on the services and products offered by your company.
  • It allows the moderator to identify the perspectives of people participating in the focus study.
  • The moderator gains a detailed understanding of the non-verbal responses of the participants like facial expressions or body language.

Demerits of data collection through focus study

  • Focus groups are more expensive when compared to online surveys.
  • Moderators can create an impact on the outcome of outcomes of group discussions.
  • When the subject matter is sensitive, participants may not give honest responses.


From the research conducted on flavored water and consumer responses, it can be concluded that companies have taken innovative plans for customers and provide them with the new taste of an existing drink. Collected from the data collected, one can find that flavored water is an effective presentation to the world, but it is yet to capture the hearts of the consumer. Perhaps it is because the product lacks the beneficial aspects. From the data collected, it’s observable that the company took up a nice initiative in marketing flavored water. It is healthy for both kids and adults.

This project enabled us to meet the objectives and aims of conducting market research. It lets you find out whether the flavored water has succeeded in creating an impact on customers or not.

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