Your employment as the assistant quantity surveyor in the commercial department of a large surveying practice: Procurement Assignment, UOP, UK

University University of Plymouth(UoP)
Subject Procurement

Learning Outcomes

  • Define what constitutes a tender and the information required for this process.
  • Explain the procedures and contractual arrangements for tendering.
  • Analyze the factors that affect the selection of construction procurement methods.
  • Calculate an estimate for work activity.

Scenario Context

Your employment as the assistant quantity surveyor in the commercial department of a large surveying practice entails planning procurement strategies for clients. This is done to ensure that the tendering process produces a competitive tender for clients in the competitive contracting environment. Value for money is a measure of quality that many stakeholders require to be confirmed, as this is often auditable to account for the capital finance spent on a project. You have been asked to support a client that has very little construction knowledge of the procurement process. By answering the following tasks, produce a short report that provides a detailed explanation for an ‘uninformed client’.

Task 1.

Produce a procedural flow chart that details the information that will be required to be provided prior to the first stage of preparing a tender. It should be possible to use this procedural information sheet for any type of contract in the UK or internationally. The flow chart will use annotated symbols and text boxes. The flow chart will need to be supported by an explanation of each stage for assembling tendering information. This explanation should compare and critically evaluate the use of a specification or a bill of quantities as methods of tendering and include a short discussion on the potential benefits to your client of Building Information Modelling in the tender and procurement process.

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