You have just joined the software development team of DS Displays, a digital signs solution organisation, as a trainee software developer: Human–Computer Interaction Assignment, UOB, UK

University University of Bath (UOB)
Subject Human-Computer Interaction


You have just joined the software development team of DS Displays, a digital signs solution organisation, as a trainee software developer.

The company specialises in producing digital signs for shopping centres. Your first project is to work on a digital signs solution for AMAP Shopping Centre, Nottingham.

The AMAP Shopping Centre Director would like to improve the shopper’s experience by providing an interactive digital sign solution. The digital signs solution will help the shoppers find their way around the shopping centre.

The shopping centre Director would like to ensure that the digital signs solution will be accessible to the needs of all shoppers.

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Task 1

It is now time to create the requirements documentation for AMAP Shopping Centre digital signs solution and your manager has asked for a project timescale.

1.1 – System design

Detailed system requirements:

  • tasks to be performed
  • input required – touchscreen and voice
  • output required – graphics and audio feedback
  • user needs including accessibility considerations, the purpose of the system and the environment.

Detailed design documentation:

  • mood boards for your layout ideas
  • design solution:
  • client requirements
  • hardware and software requirements
  • detailed flowcharts
  • annotated storyboards
  • technical specification for the file formats required bandwidth limitations, target platform
  • technical designs-code
  • consideration of design rules.

1.2 – Develop the HCI solution for the digital signs

Create a detailed asset table to record the contents of the interface. Consider the use of content created by others, permissions and acknowledging sources.

Make sure that all images are optimised and file formats are compatible and compressed if required.

Develop the interface using HCI principles.

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1.3 – Testing it

It is now time to ensure that the solution performs as required.  Create a test plan to record the testing process.

You should also obtain feedback from others. Create a questionnaire and analyse the results so that you can make improvements and/or refinements to the solution in response to testing and feedback from others.

1.4 – The review of the development process and outcomes

The review should evaluate the:

  • suitability for audience and purpose
  • ease of use
  • quality and portability of the solution, can it be accessed on other devices
  • compatibility with other platforms
  • legal and ethical considerations in regards to accessibility requirements
  • impact of the feedback received from others to the design and development process
  • strengths and weaknesses of the solution.

1.5 – Final evaluation

Evaluate how the implemented solutions could be improved to better meet the needs of the user and fulfil the identified needs.

You should also evaluate your skills, knowledge and behaviour and its impact on your manager in light of:

  • your time management and planning
  • how do you use the feedback from your manager
  • how you behaved on the project – professionalism, etiquette, support of others, timely and appropriate leadership, accountability
  • evaluating your recommendations and decisions evaluated targets to obtain insights into your own performance.

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