You have been asked to write a report on a large business that trades in the EU: Business Btech Assignment, UK

Subject Business Btech Assignment

The effects of the environment on a business

You have been asked to write a report on a large business that trades in the EU. You should research a number of businesses before selecting one to report on.

You will need to look at the environment in which the business operates, and to gather enough information to be able to consider how your chosen business has responded to past changes, and evaluate how it may react to future changes.

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Your research should include:

  • The external environment that effects the business to include political, economic, fiscal, monetary and other government policies, social attitudes to saving, spending and debt; social responsibility requirements, technological change, environmental factors and ethical trends and the legal environment
  • The internal environment to include corporate culture and corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • The competitive environment to include competition, competitive advantage and the factors that influence competitive advantage
  • The influences on the chosen business’ demand, supply and price, including elasticity of demand.
  • The different market structures that the business operates in, their impact on pricing and output decisions and the business’ response to these.

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