You Described The Organization And Salient Information That Clarifies The Vision And Mission: Ethics and Social Justice Assignment, UOB, UK

University University of Birmingham (UoB)
Subject Ethics and Social Justice

Identifying and Implementing the Ethical Choice

Introduction: This is the final of three written assignments required in the Ethics and Social Justice course. In your three papers, which should be regarded as a series, you are asked to role-play the person who is in leadership or in a consultant role for an actual public or nonprofit organization.

In your first paper, you described the organization and salient information that clarifies the vision and mission of the institution. You also identified the dilemma which the nonprofit or public organization confronts and the ethical philosophy that needs to serve as the foundation for the decision that is required.

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In your second paper, the focus was on the organization’s current structure as well as levers of control (both internal and external controls) available to the leadership or consultant as ethical decisions are made and implemented. In other words, in the first two papers, you provided the data required by the first two steps of Terry Cooper’s prescriptive ethical decision-making model (Cooper, 2012), namely: As much as possible, identify a full and objective description of the problem (step one) Clearly explain the ethical issue (the competing or conflicting ethical principles or values embedded in a practical problem – step two)

The third and final paper will focus on the last three steps of the Cooper model. You are encouraged to review the first two papers you have submitted as a way of helping this third paper represent the last installment of this “series”).

A minimum of seven peer-reviewed sources should be included. Sources used from papers one and two also may be used in this third paper.

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