You are working as a Senior Project Management Office Manager (PMO Manager) in Apple or your company, or any organization of your selection: Strategic Project Management, Assignment, HWU, UK

University Heriot-Watt University (HWU)
Subject Strategic Project Management

Scenario and activity:

You are working as a Senior Project Management Office Manager (PMO Manager) in Apple (or your company, or any organization of your selection). The chairman of the board noticed an environmental change with high environmental complexity.

For this reason; CEO has asked the senior project management office manager to align/adapt PMO strategies critically due to the uncertain environment.

In order to help the other seniors to understand current theories, concepts, and models that apply to the field of project management from a strategic perspective, you proposed to write a management report and share it with them. In the mentioned essay you will:

  • Critically evaluate the contexts in which contemporary projects operate, critically review contemporary project management theories, concepts, and models and critically discuss the importance of managing projects within a project management framework.
  • Analyze appropriate project structures, hierarchies, roles, and responsibilities, critically review project management processes and protocol, and evaluate techniques to manage stakeholder interest, influence and engagement.
  • Critically assess approaches to providing visionary leadership to project teams, critically review the tools and techniques project leaders could use to develop and establish individual and team objectives, critically analyze current insights into the management of conflict within project teams and analyze techniques a project manager could use to communicate and negotiate with stakeholders.
  • Discuss the role of a consolidated management plan for a project, evaluate methods for managing project costs and budgets, critically review why and how to manage project costs and budgets, critically evaluate responses to risks and issues to minimize threats, and maximize opportunities.
  • Review the governance and management of a project, critically assess the extent to which project management and leadership effectively supported the implementation of a project, critically review the financial and risk management of a project, develop justified recommendations for how the governance, management, and implementation of a project could be improved

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