You are to write a report for the DOH, setting out a high-level Plan, showing how the NPfIT: Enterprise business processes and applications Assignment, UK

Subject Enterprise business processes and applications Assignment

You are to write a report for the DOH, setting out a high-level Plan, showing how the NPfIT might be re-established and brought to a successful conclusion. The report must be convincing to your client.

In writing your Report you must use the concepts and ideas included in the course and discussed / debated in lectures. This Course material will give you the ability to scope your work by concentrating on areas that we address during the Semester.

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The Report must address / include at least the following areas given hereunder, in no particular order:

  •  A one-page Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Main Body of Report, Bibliography, and any relevant Annexes.
  • A description of the approach / methodology that you adopted in compiling the Report together with a justification for same.

  • Briefly (no more than 2 pages), identify and list in order of significance, what you see as the key issues which must be addressed for the programme to recommence. You must offer your justification for including these issues and the priority order in which they are placed.

Issues identified must be accompanied by an analysis of root cause – simply stating obvious, well documented “headline issues” will NOT suffice e.g. “…. The need for greater monitoring and control ….”!! The question here is, why weren’t these in place, initially? What were the underlying drivers, forces or context that allowed for poor control?  What needs to happen for effective monitoring & control of the next version of NPfIT.

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  • You must describe and make specific recommendations as to how the initiative might to re-established and implemented.
  • Setout a governance structure for the new programme to include structures, functions, and high-level roles as well as identifying main phases that you would propose.
  • Identify and assess the potential impact of any relevant contextual issues that you feel are significant  and would impact any future implementation.

  • Outline and critically analyse the kind of implementation issues that you expect will emerge as a result of your proposals and make suggestions as to how they might be addressed.

  • You must confine any technical discussions to just mentioning piloting, testing, and training. You must not engage in discussions on specific technologies e.g. SAP or Oracle or detailed ICT infrastructural issues e.g. Cloud.

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