You are to assume for this assignment that you are the Manufacturing Director of a leading manufacturing company: Advance manufacturing Assignment, NU, UK

University Newcastle University (NU)
Subject Advance manufacturing Assignment


  • You are to assume for this assignment that you are the Manufacturing Director of a leading manufacturing company, in a sector of your choice.
  • Your task is to identify technical/commercial challenges associated with a specific product/service in your organization that needs consideration or improvement.

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  • You need to discuss the challenges and its impact on the business, and why there is a need for them to be resolved (e.g. the commercial/technological drivers).
  • You need to critically assess the identified challenges and detail the causes. • You need to explore the possibilities for using other manufacturing technologies (preferably an advanced manufacturing technology) and to address the challenges and to improve the manufacturing line to assist the business.
  • You need to discuss the potentials for adopting the proposed manufacturing technology/procedure and conduct detailed analysis (e.g. cost, SWOT, advantages/disadvantages, PESTEL, etc.), related to your organisation.
  • You need to provide evidence to support your argument and aim to be as detail as possible.
  • You need to discuss the implementation of the proposed advanced manufacturing technology in detail and provide clarification to non-technical audiences and investors.
  • The audience for this report is the company Board of Directors; as such, it should take the form of a strategy paper identifying the strategic and operational challenges faced should you choose to introduce this new technology.
  • Your paper should conclude with a set of strategic recommendations regarding the technology, which enable the organisation to respond to this opportunity/threat and ultimately understand how it can improve the organisation’s competitive advantage.
  • You should support your arguments with appropriately referenced practitioner and academic literature.

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