You are the shift manager at the Artisan Bakery which is a small family-run bakery employing 20 people: Culinary arts management Assignment, UCB, UK

University University College Birmingham (UCB)
Subject Culinary arts management
  • The Artisan Bakery – The Problem.
  1. You are the shift manager at the Artisan Bakery which is a small family-run bakery employing 20 people.
  2. The bakery makes a range of bakery products and has a retail counter serving the local community. They also supply other small independent shops in the local area delivering a range of bakery products using their vans.
  3. Gross Profit margins and hence the Net Profit percentage are falling short of set targets.
  4. Management is particularly concerned about food wastage, stock levels, controls productivity and labor, and a general sales slowdown.
  5. You suspect that food waste is becoming an issue in the bakery due to errors and complacency on the production line.
  6. The bakery’s Book – Keeper has provided you with a copy of the Trial Balance showing the accumulated debits and credits for the year.
  7. On examination, you have noticed that some of the expenses are particularly high. With salaries and wages being the highest expense the owners have asked you for suggestions where savings could be made generally in the business.
  8. However, as most of their employees have been with the business since it opened over twenty years ago the owners have stated they do not want to make anyone redundant but they are looking to make savings where they can and have asked you to present your ideas in a meeting with the Board.
  9. You have been asked to suggest areas where improvements could be made to ensure the profit targets are achieved.

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Gross Profit % Target is 65% of Sales.

Net Profit % Target is 15% of Sales.


The following financial information has been provided by the Book – Keeper for The Artisan Bakery for the year 31st Dec 2019

  • Note to the accounts

Closing Stock at 31st December 2109 was valued at £20,000


After reading the briefing above and financial information provided in the Trial Balance;

  1. Complete a draft Trading, Profit & Loss Account for the year ending 31st December 2019by using the correct layout to show;
  • Gross Profit
  • Gross Profit %
  • Total Expenses
  • Net Profit
  • Net Profit %
  • Shortfalls between the actual profits and targets
  1. Prepare annotated PowerPointslides (maximum of 13) in an appropriate business style for presentation to the Board, suggesting how the business could improve its performance in relation to the following areas;
  • Closing Stock
  • Salaries and Wages
  • Printing & Packaging
  • Utilities
  • Advertising
  • Delivery Expenses
  • Vehicle Expenses
  • Total Expenses
  • Net Profit

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