You are recently appointed as a Human Resources Manager of a successful UK business: Human Resource Management Assignment, UOE, UK

University University of Exeter (UOE)
Subject Human Resources Management


You are recently appointed as a Human Resources Manager of a successful UK business. You should ideally choose one of the following businesses to base your research on.

  • Dyson
  • Clarks
  • Monsoon
  • Poundland
  • House of Fraser
  • An organization of your choice, approved by your tutor

In the last 12 months, the company’s turnover has declined with a staff increase of 20%. The company has also expanded within the UK. Due to the challenging rapid growth, the employee turnover is on rising. As the Human Resources Manager your immediate job is to restructure and redesign the HR
department serving the best interest of the company and the employees and meeting legal

You are required to prepare a management briefing for the Board of Directors.

Task 1 

Your briefing will be in a report format and will consist of the following two parts:

Part A 

1. Critically examine the nature and importance of strategic human resource
management in organizations.
2. Assess the role and purpose of strategic human resource management activities in your chosen organization.
3. Evaluate how strategic human resource management is related to other functional areas of your chosen organization.
Analyze the business factors that should be considered in human resource planning.
4. Determine human resource requirements in different organizational contexts.
5. Develop a human resource plan for your chosen organization.

Part B

1. Apply a range of tools for analyzing the organizational environment.
2. Critically evaluate how contemporary issues in the external business environment impact organizations and the management of Human Resources.
3. Critically evaluate legal and regulatory frameworks that impact Human Resource strategy.
4. Analyse the impact of organizational strategy, structure, and culture on HR  strategy and the management of human resources.
5. Plan an effective HR strategy for your chosen organization.
6. Critically monitor the effectiveness of human resources management activities in your chosen organization.

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