Will your study involve participants who are particularly vulnerable or unable to give informed consent or are in a dependent position: Global Health Assignment, UOB, UK

University University of Brighton (UOB)
Subject Global Health


  1. Will your study involve participants who are particularly vulnerable or unable to give informed consent or in a dependent position (e.g. young people under 18, individuals with learning difficulties, or people with conditions associated with social stigma including mental health concerns, people in care facilities, including prisons, or over-researched groups)?
  2. Will participants are required to take part in the study without their consent or knowledge at the time (e.g. covert observation of people in non-public places, mining of data from social media sources), and/or will deception of any sort be used? Will access to non-anonymised personal data previously taken for another purpose be utilised?
  3. Will the study include groups where permission is normally required for access to its members, for e.g. non-NHS support groups and organisations supporting public health based in the community, traditional communities (at home and overseas), school pupils, or an overused population such as Medical Students?
  4. Will it be impossible to ensure that identities or information cannot be linked back to individual participants in any way (including after anonymisation) in the final writing up of the research?
  5. Might the study induce psychological stress or anxiety, or produce humiliation or cause harm or negative consequences beyond the risks encountered in the everyday life of participants? Will the study involve psychological interventions or processes outside of standard practice and will any invasive, significantly burdensome, or potentially harmful procedures or activities of any kind be undertaken?
  6. Will the study involve discussion of sensitive topics (e.g. health status, sexual activity, drug use, ethnicity, political behaviour, potentially illegal activities), or those where researchers may have a duty to report (e.g. safeguarding concerns; possible fraud; terrorism; money laundering)?
  7. Will your study involve staff or students of the University of Sussex travelling to any country with a current Foreign and Commonwealth (FCO) warning against travel?
  8. Will your study involve visiting participants in their homes, public spaces or a similarly uncontrolled environment, unaccompanied?
  9. Will your study involve the use of chemicals that could expose members of the University to carcinogens, mutagens, sensitizers, toxins, flammables/explosives, and the risk of asphyxiation? Or, are any Chemical Weapon Precursors or Schedule 5 toxins?
  10. Will your study involve the use of radioactive materials, X-rays (i.e. CT scanner or similar imaging equipment), Class 3 or 4 lasers, or strong magnetic fields?
  11. . Will your study involve the use of any scheduled drug/s, drug precursors or the synthesis of novel psychoactive substances? Are alcoholic drinks, drugs, placebos or other substances (such as food substances or vitamins) to be administered to the study participants?
  12. Will your study involve work with: An identifiable risk of contracting a communicable disease from study participants? Biological agents in groups 2, 3 or 4? Creation/use of genetically modified organisms? Storage and/or analysis of human biological tissue whether or not this will be carried out under the University of Sussex HTA license?

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