W77576A Huggson Animal Rescue requires policies to communicate how IT should be used in the charity: Information Technology Assignment, UK

Subject W77576A Information Technology

ACTIVITY 3 – suggested time 5 hours
Huggson Animal Rescue requires policies to communicate how IT should be used in the charity.
Produce a policy document for Huggson Animal Rescue, recommending how the charity’s staff should make use of IT so that they operate in a legal, moral, ethical, and safe manner.

The policies should cover issues associated with Huggson Animal Rescue’s use of IT and how these can be addressed, including:
• defining potential threats to data, information ,and systems
• exploring processes and procedures that should be put in place by the charity to protect data
• exploring moral and ethical issues
• legal issues associated with the use of IT
• relevant professional guidelines and codes of practice
• managing infrastructure, data, information, and users.
This activity covers learning aim C.
C.P6, C.P7, C.P8

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