PU2016: You need to undertake a literature review into an aspect of occupational therapy practice: Research methods and evidence-based practice 2 Assignment, UCLan, UK

University University Of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
Subject PU2016: Research methods and evidence-based practice 2

Learning Outcomes

Students must be able to:

  1. Identify types of research and evidence and their appropriateness for practice
  2. Evaluate a range of evidence
  3. Discuss and present areas for future research

Assessment Brief


Occupational therapists are required to be evidence-based in their practice. To ensure they are practicing using an evidence-based approach, occupational therapists need to be able to define a question, retrieve relevant evidence to answer the question, evaluate the quality of the evidence, draw this information together and make recommendations based on the available evidence.

Task for assessment

You will write a 3000-word assignment.

You need to undertake a literature review into an aspect of occupational therapy practice. You can select an aspect of practice in which you are interested; you will be encouraged to discuss your ideas with the Module Leader to check suitability for this assessment.

You will be expected to develop and document a research-based question and a search strategy. Using your search strategy, you will need to retrieve and critically evaluate relevant evidence to answer your research question. You are expected to produce an assignment that critically reviews the available evidence and considers the implications of your literature review for practice and future research.

Preparation for the assessment

Sessions relating to searching, critiquing evidence, and synthesizing data to develop a literature review will be included in the module teaching.

There will be a group tutorial built into the timetable to discuss and clarify aspects of this assessment.

Students will be encouraged to utilize key texts that describe the literature review process.

Students will be advised to discuss their literature review questions with the module lead to ensure suitability.

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