Managing a Professional Engineering Project, BTEC Level 4 Assignment, UCLan, UK

University University Of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
Subject Managing a Professional Engineering Project

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria

LO1:- Formulate and plan a project that will provide a solution to an identified engineering problem

P) Select an appropriate engineering based project, giving reasons for the selection

P2) Create a project plan for the engineering project

M1) Undertake a feasibility study to justify project selection

D1) Illustrate the effect of legislation and ethics in developing the project plan

LO2:- Conduct planned project activities to generate outcomes which provide a solution to the identified engineering problem

P3) Conduct project activities, recording progress against original project plan

M2) Explore alternative methods to monitor and meet project milestones, justify selection of chosen method(s)

D2) Critically evaluate the success of the project plan making recommendations for improvements

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LO3:- Produce a project report analysing the outcomes of each of the project processes and stages

P3) Produce a project report covering each stage of the project and analysing project outcomes

M2) Use appropriate critical analysis and evaluation techniques to analyse project findings

D3) Critically analyse the project outcomes making recommendations for further development

LO4:- Present the project report drawing conclusions on the outcomes of the  project

P5) Present the project report using appropriate media to an audience

M4) Analyse own behaviours and performance during the project and suggest areas for improvement

D3) Critically analyse the project outcomes making recommendations for further development

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