Understand The Connections Between Organizational Structure, Strategy And The Business Operating Environment: Organisational Performance And Culture In Practice Assignment, UOL, UK

University University of London (UOL)
Subject Organisational Performance And Culture In Practice

Learning Outcomes:

LO1 Understand the connections between organizational structure, strategy, and the business operating environment.

LO2 Understand organizational culture and theoretical perspectives on how people behave at work.

LO3Understand how people practice supports the achievement of business goals and objectives.

Task 1: Strategic planning meeting report

1.1 Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of different types of organizational structures including the reasons underpinning them.

1.2 Analyse connections between organizational strategy, revenue generation, products, services, and customers.

1.3 Analyse external factors and trends impacting organizations.

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1.4 Assess current organizational priorities and the associated issues and causes.

1.5 Explain how people practices impact organizational systems and structures.

1.6 Evaluate the scale of technology within organizations and how it impacts work.

Task 2: Presentation pack

2.1 Interpret theories and models which examine organizational and human behavior.

2.2 Evaluate the drivers for change and basic models for how these changes are experienced.

2.3 Explain how to build diversity and inclusion into your work in order to build a positive culture.

2.4 Assess how people practices impact organizational culture and behavior.

2.5 Assess the importance of well-being at work and the different factors which impact well-being.

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