This century is becoming one of the essential and needed aspects of sustainable communities When the community’s infrastructure is sustainable: Research Proposal Assignment, UOW, UK

University University of Westminster (UOW)
Subject Research Proposal
  • The community engagement in urban development for sustainability; evaluated through the case of  Bangkok, Thailand

The topic selected for the study is the engagement of the community that is found in urban development and planning. This century is becoming one of the essential and needed aspects of sustainable communities. When the community’s infrastructure is sustainable, it makes the community strong. They act as catalysts in providing economic and social opportunities that uplift life quality. The entire community; their behavior, attitude, perception, and actions contribute directly towards either making the community sustainable or moving it far apart from sustainability. Different countries have their development framework and processes to make their communities sustainable

Urban areas vary from small cities to metropolitan areas in which the population living in urban areas has increased to about 55% of the world’s population, and it is expected to increase to 68% by 2050 (Nur Khairlida Muhamad Khair et al.,2020). In 10 years, from 2000 to 2010, the urban area of Thailand increased from 2,400 square kilometers to 2,700, and their annual growth rate increased by 1.4%.

As for the people living in urban areas, more than 10,000,000 people are living in urban areas (Geekiyanage, D., Fernando, T. and Keraminiyage, 2020). In addition, there has been a significant increase in green housing and buildings, walkability, open spaces, and greenways (Mazhar et al., 2017). Therefore, This research will focus on finding to what extent Bangkok’s community engagement in urban development for sustainability and would entirely discuss community impact on this change;

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if the change is easy to be implemented when communities take part in it or not. In the past, multiple pieces of research have been conducted that focus on how communities can become sustainable, what the future, and the impact of the sustainable community will be on the people. However, minimal research is conducted to evaluate the community engagement needed in urban development that increases sustainability.

One thing that inspired me to select this topic was the rapid increase in sustainable development across the globe. Whether they are developed, developing, or underdeveloped, they are doing their best to ensure that their urban development is sustainable and its impact is enjoyed by the population (Boyle, Michell, and Viruly, 2018). Moreover,

I currently work as Assistant District Chief Officer at the Department of Provincial Administration (DOPA), Ministry of Interior, Thailand, with the primary duty to produce area-based development plans at the district level in compliance with spatial context. So, area-based development planning must also conform with urbanization and public participation. Therefore, this study will better understand community engagement in Thai urban planning and strategies to encourage greater community participation in Thai urban planning.

  • Question:

How can Bangkok’s community engagement help and play a significant role in implementing sustainable urban development?

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