The learning procedure about offender management changes my opinion about the justice system: Security and Offender Management Assignment, DC, Ireland

University Derby College (DC)
Subject Security and Offender Management

Question 3

The learning procedure about offender management changes my opinion about the justice system. In past, I have no experience or knowledge about offender management. The various courts help the victim appeal for justice. The individual court provides quality justices considering the criminal incident. Police play a major role for the victim. They identify the accurate record of crime and documents to identify the reason for the crime.

I learned that human intelligent help the police recognize the appropriate reason for crime and estimate the quality of proof that addresses the criminology segment. From the various characteristic of the offender system, I gain knowledge about how they collect the appropriate record of the crime and identify the circumstances of the crime. I make a positive opinion about offender management, especially about the police’s policy regarding criminal analysis. The analysis of the offender management in the community makes an accurate design of the security services and well management of the justice system. From the individual learning classes, I gain knowledge and more information about the justice system

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