The covid-19 pandemic is seen as a window of opportunity for businesses to strengthen sustainability: Postgraduate Research Methods Assignment, UK

The covid-19 pandemic is seen as a window of opportunity for businesses to strengthen sustainability. 2020 is making us rethink our lives, per the pandemic and other worldwide events, which is why sustainability is fast becoming the new business reality.

As governments, businesses, and society as a whole addresses the challenges of COVID-19 and the global pandemic, there are valuable lessons we collectively have learned. We know we can transform the way we work and behave.

We have learned that the health of our economy, our people, and the environment are closely linked. Once the world overcomes the worst of the pandemic a key part of rebuilding our economy will need to include embracing the ESG (Environmental Social Governance) agenda and sustainable business practices.

Looking ahead, though, the economic response to Covid-19 offers a tremendous opportunity to build the foundations for a more resilient and sustainable future that meets long-term ambitions. Analyze how organizations compete through sustainability focuses on how sustainable activities can most valuably strengthen the organization’s competitive positioning and how the pandemic opens up opportunities for sustainable development. Select a specific company or organization to work on and follow the following structure.

Your submission should include the following (the notes in brackets are just for your guidance, do not include them in the titles)

  •  Cover page
  •  Contents page
  •  Introduction (note: what the company is doing and where is operates)
  •  Impact of a pandemic on Sustainable development (note: for the company and not overall)
  •  Identification of the competitive stances (note: what makes them stand out of the competition?)
  •  SWOT OR PESTLE (note: you can research what each means if you haven’t done them before)
  •  Recommendations (note: specific and not generic)
  •  Conclusions

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