The conflict has emerged on the issue with respect to the scope in relation to the library: People, Leadership & Organisations Assignment, UOL, UK

University University of London (UOL)
Subject People Leadership & Organisations

Section 1

Response from Paul Currant- the new Project Manager

How and Why the Conflict Emerged

The conflict has emerged on the issue with respect to the scope in relation to the library works of Dover Street. The scope of the project includes the replacement of the front as well as overhand in relation to the library and also some other works associated with it. However, Mr. Strong has been against collaboration which has been planned to be entered between the architects, contractors as well as developers. It is also important to note that when the scope of the work is unclear, it may create an unpleasant relationship between the sponsor and the project manager in the future, resulting in disputes over the scope and etc. Additionally, Mr. Holt and Mr. Strong failed to communicate effectively. Inconsistencies in objectives can lead to conflict between team members. The conflict was at the stage of design when William Strong resigned from the post of project manager. Mr. Strong resigned during the design stage, and there were very few parties or individuals involved in the project. The conflict arises in this stage with regard to disagreement in relation to designing a project. There have been planning-related issues between the project sponsor as well as the project manager (WK -5 Session 2, 2022).

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Type of Conflict

The conflict between the project sponsor as well as the project manager, as per the given case study, can be said to be a dysfunctional conflict. Dysfunctional conflict is where a participant enters into the encounter intending the destruction or disablement of the other. Personal insults, criticism that boosts self-ego and comments that lack regard for others’ feelings are often described as dysfunctional. Such conflict is not aimed at improving task performance. Indicators that conflict has become unproductive include (O’Neil 2002): Conflict becomes personal; conflict increases with each meeting rather than reduces; communications become one way; parties become entrenched and will not accommodate alternative views, and the conflict becomes a major issue – incurs costs and delays activities.

Key issues that should be resolved

To resolve a conflict, both would say each party needs: –

1 Knowledge of the issue.

2 A sense of personal adequacy to the job.

3 A respect for the skills of the other party.

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