The conclusions you have drawn from environmental scanning to identify the business opportunity: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Assignment, UK

University University of Sussex ( UOS)
Subject Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Part A: Idea Generation

You should include:

• The conclusions you have drawn from environmental scanning to identify the
business opportunity. Include how your business idea was developed and why you rejected other ideas.

• The theories and methods of idea generation and creativity you have used to refine your idea.

• How you have introduced innovative concepts into your business idea or process

Part B: Business Plan

Produce a business plan for your product or service. Your business plan must include the following sections:

• Executive Summary & Business Opportunity

• Research Strategy & Strategic and Marketing Plan

• Business Operation & Business Management

• Finances & Risk

Part C: Pitch

Communicate your business opportunity to stakeholders and investors in a 5-minute powerpoint presentation using a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 15 slides. Make brief notes where your slides need further explanation. You do not need to deliver the pitch.

Please do not send a recording of your pitch. Submit the slides and notes only for assessment.

Your pitch should present, as succinctly as possible:
The market gap
The business opportunity
The business model
The investment and support needed

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