Officers are concerned the reptiles could have been a source of contamination of the food: Food control and hygiene management Assignment, UOEL, UK

University University of East London (UOEL)
Subject Food control and hygiene management

Mrs A made Jelly and Blancmange in a dinosaur shape as an additional dessert and she cooked cocktail sausages for the party.

The entertainment for the party included a talk and petting session on reptiles from a local pet shop owner who specializes in the keeping of such animals as pets. He bought several specimens to show the children, including: – a Royal Python, Corn snakes, an Adult Bearded dragon, some baby Rankins dragons, and a tarantula spider – which the children and adults all handled as part of the experience.

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The Birthday child was given a Rankins dragon & Tank etc , as a present as a surprise gift at the end of the party.

QUESTIONS – There are 5 questions to answer related to the scenario above

Q1 Officers are concerned the reptiles could have been a source of contamination of the food.

1. a) Detail why reptiles are a valid concern in this instance (5 marks)
1. b) How could we confirm the hypothesis that the reptiles might be associated with the OB strain due to poor hygiene with food handlers (5 marks)
1 c. Discuss the circumstances that are likely to have caused this outbreak – to account
for the pattern of infection, the route of infection and the source of the organism. (5
marks ) AND Suggest appropriate hygiene practises that might have prevented the outbreak ( 3 marks)

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Q 2. The investigators identified that the two birthday cakes were statistically the most likely food vehicles in this outbreak. The intrinsic properties of the two cakes make one a very likely food vehicle and the other an unlikely one. Identify which cake is a likely food vehicle and which an unlikely source , and explain why in terms of the 2 cake’s intrinsic factors (12 marks)?

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Q3. Authorised Officers of a Food Authority such as Environmental Health Officers have extensive powers of entry under section 32 of the Food Safety Act 1990 and Regulation 16 of The Food Safety & Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013 .

Describe these powers and explain which of them could be used in this scenario and why (15 marks)

Q4. As part of your investigation you are aware that the Ferris Fancy Foods and also the Cake Manufacturer serve numerous foods containing allergens.
1. Detail the HACCP Pre Requisite Program of Allergen Management and its
purpose with respect of these two businesses (10 marks )
1. b) What must food business operators, who provide buffets, do to ensure
compliance with the legal requirements for allergen labelling , when supplying to the final consumer ? (10 marks).

Q5 Discuss the menu of the event in terms of nutritional content and Government Healthy Eating Policies (20). How could the caterer have made the menu healthier whilst still providing, in essence, the same style of party food? (5)

There are 10 marks available for referencing – Marks will be allocated based on
suitability, relevance , academic sources, legislation, government or business a guidance, and correcting citing within the body of the work using the Harvard Method.

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