“Expansionary fiscal policies stimulate private consumption and investments”: explain and discuss: Macroeconomics Assignment, UNIS, UK

University University Of Surrey (UniS)
Subject macroeconomic Assignment

In this assessment, the following module learning outcomes will be covered:

  1. Explain the behavior of households, firms, and governments in terms of a small set of unifying economic principles

2 Evaluate economic theories and apply them to the analysis of an open economy

3 Utilise data from a variety of sources and work effectively with information technology

4 Assess the effect of policy and other changes on the economy, recognising the basictenants of policy evaluation

5 Utilise a variety of mathematical skills and techniques to analyse the behaviour of small open economies Each question carries equal weight (50 marks) (2000 words)


“Expansionary fiscal policies stimulate private consumption and investments”: explain and discuss.


Compare and contrast the effectiveness of monetary policy on output under fixed and flexible exchange rates regimes.

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