Prepare a project time plan to develop the software program: Engineering unit 35 Assignment, UK

Subject Engineering Management

Vocational Scenario or Context

You are employed as a trainee Software Developer and have been tasked with heading up a software development team to design, develop, and deliver a software solution for an internal problem.

The Stock Control Department has requested an upgraded software solution to their aging stock control system. They currently use a series of spreadsheets to control the incoming and outgoing stock in the company. They require a more appropriate solution, using a simple database and an easy-to-use User Interface. The database will be provided to you by the company’s database administrator (DBA).

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Task 1

Design and develop the software program, providing documented user requirements. Carry out each individual stage for the Design, Development and Testing phases of the project.

For the design phase:
Prepare a project time plan to develop the software program

Prepare a terms of reference document to outline:
o Specification and user requirements of the desired program
o Structured pseudo code, flow charts and decision tables
o Justifications on choice of language
o Description of the deliverables, including the target user platform

Prepare a system requirements specification for development and end use

Produce user interface mock-ups of the new software program and design the program using structured design tools.

For the development phase:

•Use at least two programming paradigms, and a range of appropriate constructs to develop the designed software program, integrating into the provided data source, with appropriate comments and annotations to support future development.

As you develop the software, create test scripts of the expected and unexpected conditions the software program will operate under. For the testing phase:

Test the implemented software program following the planned test scripts and client requirements, and review any failed tests and repair the software program as required to optimise its efficiency and performance.

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