Describe the different forms that energy can take: radiography Assignment, UOL, UK

University University of Leicester (UoL)
Subject Radiography


Conservation of energy and momentum

  •  Describe the different forms that energy can take.
  • Explain the principle of conservation of energy and discuss its implications including the concept of efficiency, giving appropriate examples to support your commentary.
  • Define momentum and explain the law of conservation of momentum using a number of appropriate examples.

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 SECTION THREE – the concepts and vocabulary of wave motion

  • Explain the terms commonly used to describe a wave. You must include suitable diagrams within your response. • Explain the difference between a transverse and a longitudinal wave giving an example of each. You must also identify the wavelength and frequency of each example you have given.
  • Explain how water waves and sound waves can be reflected, refracted and diffracted.

SECTION FOUR – the straight line model of the behaviour of light

  • Explain the laws of reflection and their use in a suitable instrument. You must include appropriate diagrams within your response. • Explain the laws of refraction.
  • Describe the conditions necessary for total internal reflection, giving an example of its use.

SECTION FIVE – magnets, magnetic fields, electric charge and electric current

  • Explain the nature of magnetism and its laws.
  • Draw the magnetic field around a bar magnet, a current carrying wire, and a solenoid. You must deduce the directions of the fields using suitable rules, and show these on your drawings.
  • Explain current and potential difference, and explain how these behave in both series and parallel circuits.

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