STO7006: Identify the company’s competitive priorities and the strategy they are using. Consider how well this strategy is working: Operations and Project Management Course Work, PBS, UK

University Plymouth Business School (PBS)
Subject STO7006: Operations and Project Management
  • Identify the company’s competitive priorities and the strategy they are using.  Consider how well this strategy is working for them, and offer a new or revised strategy for the future using appropriate tools/techniques from this module and the literature.  The new strategy will provide a basis for identifying the most serious problems and issues for urgent action.
  • Considering the revised strategy you proposed in Q1, assess how well the current operational arrangements suit the strategic requirements and estimate the importance of any problems you identify.
  • Use appropriate tools and techniques to decide upon improvements to be made to the operations, in areas such as order processing, capacity, factory layout, and scheduling.  Outline how the operations should be managed in the future and show how your proposals align with the strategy you proposed.  They will not be able to change everything at once – use your strategy to decide what must be done immediately.  Deal with the most serious problem(s), and explain how the operations should work.
  • Describe the expected benefits of your proposed course of action.  This should provide enough explanation to convince the company that your approach is sound and will improve the business.
  • Outline alternative approaches to the proposals you have made, and describe why these are less suitable.  Describe any drawbacks or dangers of your approach that the managers ought to be aware of.

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