Identify sources of information and guidance about how to support a child or young person: child care diploma level 3 Course Work, OU, UK

University The Open University (OU)
Subject Child care diploma level 3

3.1. Identify sources of information and guidance about how to support a child or young person who has experienced harm or abuse.

Identify – Show that you know this information by providing a list with a brief explanation, including house, external and online resources.

3.2. Describe ways to support a child or young person to deal with distress, fear and anxieties caused by harm or abuse.

Describe – give a detailed overview of strategies and tools that can be used to reassure, provide feelings of safety and/or confidence, and develop coping skills.

The question is asking you to include more than one way to support a child. Include long-term and short-term strategies.

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3.3. Explain why a child or young person may need support to understand the implications of harm and abuse they have experienced.

Explain – Include the WHAT and the HOW. You will need to use words such as ‘because’ or ‘therefore’ to help you to provide explanations. Examples can work well to evidence your understanding.

Implications of harm and abuse can include anti-social behaviours, unable to recognise unhealthy relationships, seeking a sense of belonging from inappropriate others, and poor self-identity or self-worth.

3.4. Describe positive coping strategies that a child or young person can be supported to develop following harm or abuse.

Describe this can be seen as the ‘what is it?’ What behaviours and strategies lead to positive outcomes? How might you support the development of these strategies?

The question asks for more than one example – you must include more than one in your answer.

3.5. Describe behaviour that a child or young person may exhibit that might give cause for concern following harm or abuse, and the steps to take if these are observed.

Describe this can be seen as the ‘what is it?’ You will need to provide a series of points, which usually need to be linked, that includes all the main features.

An example from your own experiences in the home is a good way to evidence your knowledge, here. What have you seen, AND how did you address this.

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