Create an organisational risk profile for your chosen organisation: NEBOSH IDIP ID1 Research Paper Course Work, OU, UK

University The Open University (OU)
Subject NEBOSH IDIP ID1 Research Paper Course Work

Activity 1: Create an organisational risk profile for your chosen organisation

This section is very important. It describes the main risks that your organisation faces. The answers you give to the remaining activities in this paper must be consistent with the information you provide here (unless otherwise stated). For example, if the risks that you give here relate to the banking or insurance sectors, it would be unusual to later describe a situation where welding contractors are repairing a chemical storage tank in your own organisation.

1 Produce a risk profile of your chosen organisation that outlines FOUR significant risks.

Note: You must use the Activity 1 format table provided in the answer sheet to record your answers.
Note: There are 5 marks available for each risk.

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