UMACTF-15-M: You have recently been appointed as a Financial Analyst for a leading investment bank in London: Corporate Financial Strategy Course Work, UWE, UK

University University of the West of England (UWE)
Subject UMACTF-15-M Corporate Financial Strategy

Context and Requirement

You have recently been appointed as a Financial Analyst for a leading investment bank in London. In advance of a forthcoming board meeting, you have been asked to prepare an executive briefing on the two most important corporate finance issues facing Diageo ple based on its 2023 Annual Report. The two issues must be selected from the following list:

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  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) policy
  • Dividend policy
  • Capital structure policy
  • Mergers and acquisitions policy
  • International financial risk management policy

The Finance Director has therefore asked you to develop a briefing report of no longer than 1,500 words to explain each of the two issues. It should first identify the nature of the issue facing Diageo plc. Then it must explain the alternative strategies available to the group for dealing with that issue. This could be those currently used by Diageo.

Alternatively, you could propose a different solution. Your analysis must be based on the 2023 Annual Report and hence research on subsequent events for Diageo should not be included.

The briefing report should be carefully structured and written in an analytical style using plain clear English. A glossary of all technical finance terms and acronyms used should be included in an appendix (not included in the word count}.

This is an individual assessment. Please make sure to base your answer on a thorough review of referenced sources including key textbooks on corporate financial strategy, academic journal paper references, and the business and financial press to understand the implications for Diageo of the issues at hand.

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