SH6P06QA: Research proposal- In preparation for your dissertation project, you are required to write a research proposal for a systematic/literature review: Health Project , Assignment, LMU, UK

University London Metropolitan University (LMU)
Subject SH6P06QA Health Project

Assessment 1 – Research Proposal:

In preparation for your dissertation project, you are required to write a research proposal for a systematic/literature review. You are to choose any relevant healthcare issue/topic  you are interested in.

Your proposal should include:

Chapter one: introduction to the research

  1. Define research issue/ title
  2. Background of the research
  3. Aims/ Objectives/ research questions
  4. Rationale / justification of the research

Chapter two: Literature review

  1. Broad review about the research topic (need to show that you have looked at specific academic resources)
  2. Identify gaps in the literature

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Chapter three: Research methodology

When conducting secondary research, you are required to address the following: 

Have you explained the selected methodological approach i.e. secondary research versus primary research? Have you discussed the strengths and limitations of selected methodological approach supported by relevant literature? Have you justified the selected methodology approach supported by relevant literature?

Literature Search Strategy 

  • How will you conduct your literature search,
  • What search engines will be used to search for the literature?
  • What academic data bases will be accessed?
  • What organisations, if any will be accessed for literature?
  • What relevant key words and Boolean operators will be used in the literature search?

Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria and Search Strategy

  • Inclusion and exclusion criteria are framed using an appropriate tool.
  • Clear specification and justification for proposed inclusion and exclusion criteria to select studies for inclusion.
  • A preliminary search strategy provided.
  • Describes a process for study selection and how decisions on study selection will be made, including quality assurance processes

Data Analysis & Synthesis methods

  • Strategy for data analysis and synthesis is specified and justified.
  • When considering Secondary Research, you must consider ethical issues in relation to studies being reviewed; these issues relate to the following:

Ethical procedure – Ethics form to be completed

  • Scholarly practice, avoiding plagiarism, falsification and misrepresentation of data
  • Integrity of the research reviewed, respecting rights, confidentiality, dignity and diversity, ethical approval

Research timeline

  • When will your research project start and finish?
  • Have you identified specific targets/ actions for completion within specific time frames? (e.g.  a table with two columns and list your targets/ actions and timeframes, i.e. specific dates.


Have you provided a comprehensive reference list of all literature sources cited?

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