R/618/5033: How the strategic marketing plan links with the overall organisational mission: Business level 4 – Marketing Process & Planning Assignment, UK

University University of Birmingham (UoB)
Subject R/618/5033: Business level 4 - Marketing Process & Planning

Activity 1  – (LO1 to LO4) – Guidance

  • In producing the marketing plan, you will need to address the following areas.
  • How the strategic marketing plan links with the overall organisational mission, corporate strategy and objectives.
  • Clear and SMART marketing objectives.
  • Marketing research to support the new product line launch.
  • A situational analysis: making use of appropriate analytical tools including SWOT, Pestle and 5C analysis.
  • Development of the marketing strategies applied to the extended marketing mix.
  • Setting of an overall marketing budget, for offline and online platfroms.
  • Tactical actions
  •  Identifying appropriate control and monitoring measures to ensure achievement of objectives including metrics to measure success such as Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). A comprehensive media plan that supports the planned marketing campaign, this will include:
  • A media budget
  • Recommendations and rationale for selected and integrated multi-media activities within the set budget that meet the marketing objectives appropriate digital, offline and social media channels for communication • full justification for a multi-media plan based on quantitative and qualitative criteria.
  • Our marketing plan also needs to incorporate a media plan as part of the overall marketing campaign which needs to presented to the management.


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