PRM6001: You are working in a healthcare organization of your choice and have been asked to join the project team: Project Management and Risk Assignment, AU, UK

University Arden University (AU)
Subject PRM6001: Project Management and Risk


You are working in a healthcare organization of your choice and have been asked to join the project team which is involved in introducing a new piece of equipment that will help with the lifting of patients in and out of bed. The equipment is being procured from a supplier which is not on the ‘approved supplier list’. As part of the project, the project team will need to recommend what training (if any) and maintenance contract (if any) the organization should take out with the providing organization. The cost of the equipment is £100,000, an annual maintenance contract £7,000 which ensures an engineer attends within 48 hours and includes the first £100 of any repair costs or annual service of £500.00 with a £100.00 call out charge for any repairs which are necessary. The cost of parts for both options is additional. The cost for training each person is £500.00 a day and two people can be trained at a time. Each training session lasts half a day. Potentially, 20  members of staff will be using the equipment on a regular basis.

Task 1

Considers the type of project being proposed, the drivers for such a project, and why it is necessary to be implemented (business case). Critically evaluates the choice of project lifecycles that could be adopted for this type of project and suitable methodologies which could be used if any are to be recommended. An outline timeline and budget should be included.

Task 2

Undertakes a risk assessment of the project including the procurement of
equipment, maintenance, and training. This should include consideration as to how the risks could be managed for all potential options. Recommendations should then be made regarding the type(s) of contract which should be used and which options for maintenance and training should be chosen.

Task 3

Consideration as to who should be included in the project team and how that team needs to be structured and managed to ensure the project is implemented successfully

You may use a proforma or template to prepare your plan but you should make use of theory and the literature within your presentation and ensure that you reference correctly including a reference list at the end.

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