Prepare a plan that clearly demonstrates the extent to which the new residents of the development: Institute for Transport Report, UOL, UK

Subject Institute for Transport

Task 1

Prepare a plan that clearly demonstrates the extent to which the new residents of the development could reasonably be expected to walk from the approximate centre of the site.  This plan is to be prepared manually using, for example, drawing tools in Word or by hand drawing; you are expected to use general mapping and travel directions websites such as Google Maps or Bing Maps but you are NOT permitted to use any software specifically intended to prepare isochrone/is distance plans.

On the same plan indicate the local amenities that are within an acceptable walking distance of the approximate centre of the development site.  Note that you should only include on your plan those amenities that will be of particular importance to the new residents of the site for example schools, supermarkets, banks, health centres, places of worship.  So think about it and do not just litter your plan with every facility you can find or your plan will become too cluttered and unmanageable and will lose its relevance and focus regarding the proposed development. Do not forget to identify where the nearest train station and bus stops are.  Regarding bus stops, it is not appropriate to identify multiple bus stops that serve the same bus services, as a resident would only use the bus stop for any bus service that is closest to their house.

Actual lengths of walking routes should be considered, not straight-line distances.

In addition, consider the accessibility from the site by cycling.  You are not required to prepare a cycling accessibility plan.

A plan of the proposed development, an Ordnance Survey base plan covering an area of up to 2km from the development site, and a plan of local cycle routes are provided in Appendix 1 for your information and use.It is not appropriate to use screenshots of Google Maps or Streetviewor Bing Maps in your submission, however, you will find these websites offer useful tools to help identify local amenities and routes, and to help identify travelling distances that you can transfer to your plan(for example using the Google Maps tools to measure walking distances).  Note that amenities would normally be identified during a site visit but a site visit is not to be undertaken for the purposes of this coursework.  For your information, the nearest postcode to the development site is SS12 9PW.

Prepare a brief written statement to summarise your findings regarding the accessibility of the site to local amenities by walking and cycling. You can write this as part of this task or as part of Task 4 with your conclusions.

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Task 2 

Undertake an analysis of the road accident data for the study area identified in Appendix 2 for the most recent 5 years for which accident data is available, using data freely available from the website.  The nearest postcode to the site, for input into the website, is SS12 9PW.  Consider the locations, the trend in the number and severity of accidents, and the types of vehicles and casualties involved.  Present your analysis in a series of tables.

For the purposes of this coursework, you are NOT to use any more detailed road accident data than the freely available data from the crash map website.

Prepare a brief written statement to summarise your findings relating to your road accident analysis. You can write this as part of this task or as part of Task 4 with your conclusions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply the key legislative and environmental policies concerning infrastructure to designs.
  •  Analyse the key opportunities and issues concerning infrastructure for sustainable environments.
  •  Conceptualise and design appropriate transport infrastructure
  •  Evaluate if designs are fit for purpose whilst recognising the importance of
    sustainability and environmental risk issues
  •  Make informed judgements regarding the suitability of proposed infrastructure projects and be able to critically evaluate alternative designs.

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