Mr Abdulllah runs an ice cream van called “Subzero Point”, based in Bowhsar his territory is the surrounding: Business Finance Assignment,

University City University of London (CUL)
Subject Business Finance Assignment

Mr Abdulllah runs an ice cream van called “Subzero Point”, based in Bowhsar his territory is the surrounding areas of school and colleges. Having been in the business for over 20 years, Mr Abdullah has built up an excellent reputation and is known throughout the area for his ice cream, in some cases he is serving the children whose parents he also served.

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He has come to the bank for help with his cash flow, he is unsure as to what exactly a cash flow is and what it represents, he is an old fashioned individual and has never been concerned with cash flow forecasting and has always just kept a record of all his finances in a book. However, he is nearing his retirement and wishing to pass on the business and as a result has to prepare a cash flow forecast for potential buyers.

His monthly incomings and outgoings:
• Sales start at OMR 2200 in January and increase every month leading up to summer by OMR 500 – this peaks in August (at OMR 6000) and sales fall steadily by OMR 750 a month until December (OMR 2000)

He also hires his van out for 5 school-fest’s a year, 2 in June and 3 in July – he charges OMR 400 per fest.

He has 3 birthday parties booked, all in August – he charges OMR 200 per party

He pays his licence fee to the council at the beginning of each year; the total he has to pay is OMR 1599

Mr Abdullah pays insurance for his van via direct debit every month – this is OMR 100

Public liability cover insurance is also direct debited each month at OMR 20

Mr Abdullah’s stock is 20% of the monthly sales figure, for example – stock for January is OMR 300 (20% of OMR 1500)

Fuel costs Mr Abdullah less than his stock. It is half the monthly stock figure i.e. January fuel is OMR 150

His salary is a fixed cost and he pays himself OMR 1200 a month

He expects to have in an average of 75 OMR credit sale to the school canteen next to his van location from May to August

He had to repair his van in January, May and July costing 60, 90 and 35 respectively

Every quarterly he pay 55 OMR for equipment maintenance.
Having studied the monthly inflow and outflow in detail, complete the following:
1. A cash flow forecast on the sheet provided using the above monthly data.
2. Explain the need of the cash flow forecasts and analyse the business risks involved in using this tool.

3. Evaluate the impact of different factors that impact on the various financial risks involved.
Analyse the implications to Mr Abdullah’s business if:
a. In May and June Mr Abdullah fell ill and he had to pay somebody else OMR 1200 a month to run the business as well as himself?

b. He received 6 more party bookings for September?

c. His liability cover increased by OMR10 a month?

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