MN1105: Matrix enterprises design manufactures, sell and support computer network equipment. They have successfully entered the European: Quantitative Methods Assignment, RHUOL, UK

University Royal Holloway University of London (RHUOL)
Subject MN1105: Quantitative Methods

Task 1:

Matrix enterprises design manufactures, sell and support computer network equipment. They have successfully entered the European market using the UK as their headquarters. In the enterprise network market, it has a network of 40 distributors across the UK, Germany, France, and Spain, annually selling 10,000 network switches to business customers.

It has also built up a small business, home use market, and is selling 500,000 SOHO routers and repeaters annually through retail and direct channels in the UK. In the retail channels, the first line of support related to sales and returns is managed by the retailers. Matrix provides support on technical issues. With the direct channels, Matrix provides all the support to customer interactions.

You have been presented with a dataset containing information about the calls handled by call center agents in one month. The call center receives the call from customers who then either resolve them or divert them to the sales team or technical support. Each call has been allocated a specific Issue code and resolution code. The worksheet titled Glossary has further information about the codes.

Data analysis should be undertaken by calculating the following statistic indicators for each agent based on the number of calls they handled.

  • Mean
  • Standard Error
  • Median
  • Mode
  • Standard Deviation
  • Sample Variance
  • Kurtosis
  • Skewness
  • Range
  • Minimum
  • Maximum
  • Sum
  • Count


  1. Which call center agent is the best and least performing and why do you think so?
  2. Can we see any patterns/trends in the number of calls handled by the call center? E.g. Easter
  3. What can we understand from the contextual information such as type of calls,
    customer number, date, time, etc?
  4. Are there any problems/issues faced by the organization that can be identified? E.g. lot of queries around product failures?

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Task 2:

To comply with quality standards, the management decided to limit the number of calls that can be handled by an agent to 30 per day. This initiative will have direct cost implications as the company will end up recruiting additional agents to satisfy this rule. The agents are currently paid £12.00 per hour. Agents work from 0900 to 0500 PM – Monday to Friday. Apart from the wages, the business will incur additional costs while recruiting new agents:

Training costs:
During the induction of new agents, the business uses an external training provider who will provide one-to-one mandatory training costing £300.

Administrative Overheads
The administrative cost associated with processing payroll, insurance, etc comes to £150 a month per employee. However, it decreases by 20% when the number of employees exceeds 6.

Team Leader
If the team size exceeds 6, the business should recruit a new team leader who will be paid £15 per hour.


  • Provide the equation that can be used to calculate the total costs the business will incur from the employment of agents for both scenarios. Ensure that the terminologies and variable names are displayed clearly
  • Calculate the additional cost the business will incur due to the new initiative for the next two months by using a forecasting sheet are required.
  • Fit a trend line to the number of calls received by the call center and display the equation.
  • Write a short executive summary report of the findings to the management about the cost implications of the new initiative, potential limitations of your calculations, and whether restricting the maximum number of calls handled by an agent is the right decision or not. Appropriate references should be used while discussing the limitations.

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