MGMT3021: you are required to develop a safety program to address the risk of exposure to lead dusts and fumes: Health and Safety Management Assignment, CU, UK

University Curtin University (CU)
Subject MGMT3021: Health and Safety Management

Assessment 2 – Safety Management Plan

As an HSEQ adviser for a lead‐acid battery recycling plant, you are required to develop a safety program to  address the risk of exposure to lead dusts and fumes as a result of the recycling process. Having installed all required engineering controls to minimise dust and fume release from the processes (enclosure and coverage of processes and equipment; floor and surface pavement for ease of housekeeping), the focus is now on appropriate PPE, workplace behavior and monitoring procedures. The recycling plant employs
on 70 workers with an age range of 17‐62 years old, 18% female.

In developing the program, you need to consider the following items:

  • Design – Discuss risks associated with exposure to lead. Determine strategies that need to be considered to address the hazards presented and control the risks. Additionally, the following aspects need to be addressed:

o Legal requirements that need to be adhered to (medical surveillance, air monitoring, etc.)

o Specific requirements in accordance with any applicable regulations, standards and/or codes of practices.

Detail the scope of works that you considered in developing the safety program (e.g. process, risk control measures) and propose a set of strategies to be adopted by the company. Finally, propose an overarching aim and a set (2‐3) of supporting objectives for the program (what outcomes would you like to achieve through the implementation of this program?).

Implementation process ‐ Propose a framework for the implementation of the strategies that you have identified above. This can include:

o Tasks that need to be completed to ensure compliance with the requirements identified above;

o Work standards that need to be implemented (procedures, maintenance, etc.);

o Training requirements;

o Any additional resources to be provided/sourced.

Complete the framework for implementation by assigning key responsibilities for the program (worker/supervisor/HSEQ/manager), along with a set of objectives, indicators, and targets for monitoring the progress of implementation (input/process indicators).

Monitoring, review and audit – Propose a set of key indicators that can be used to measure the effectiveness of the program and detail how it will be evaluated, reviewed and audited. Then, you need to provide a concluding statement on how the objectives stated above have been achieved.

Finally, you need to prepare a compelling letter to management, summarising the key features and requirements of the program and why it is important for the organisation to accept and implement this program.

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