METROPOLIS CAPITAL Bank is one of the leading private banking service providers in Sri Lanka: Security Assignment, NTU, UK

University Nottingham Trent University (NTU)
Subject Providing a suitable security solution for METROPOLIS CAPITAL Bank

Assignment Brief and Guidance:

METROPOLIS CAPITAL Bank is one of the leading private banking service providers in Sri Lanka. It operates over 100 branches and 500 ATMs across the island as well as 8 Branches overseas. To provide their services, METROPOLIS CAPITAL Bank has a primary datacenter located in Colombo and a Secondary datacenter located in Galle. Each branch and ATM must have connectivity to the core banking system to be able to operate normally. To establish the connectivity between data centers, branches and ATMs, each location has a single ISP link. This link provides VPN services between branches, ATMs, and data centers as well as MPLS services for the bank and it establishes connectivity between datacenters, ATMs, and branches.

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METROPOLIS CAPITAL Banks Head Office is a 5 Story Building in Kollupitiya with the Ground Floor allocated for Customer Services, the First Floor allocated for HR, the Second Floor allocated for Meeting Rooms and Senior Executive Staff, the Third Floor is allocated for the Technical Support Team and the Fourth Floor hosts High Performance Servers running core banking systems. Fifth Floor is for some other outside companies that are not related with the METROPOLIS CAPITAL Bank. Other than this, METROPOLIS CAPITAL bank provides a lot of services to customers including online and mobile banking facilities. Therefore, their core banking system must communicate with several outside systems and all communication between outside systems, Data centers and the Head Office is protected by a single firewall. In Addition, METROPOLIS CAPITAL Bank has recently implemented a bring your own device (BYOD) concept for Senior Executive Staff and HR Departments and to facilitate this, they are providing employee WiFi as well as a guest WiFi Hotspot.

The bank has signed agreements, AMCs, contracts and NDAs with several Local and foreign IT service vendors. Some local vendors provide services and supports to foreign companies. METROPOLIS CAPITAL Banks Technical Support Team is a local third-party vendor, contracted by METROPOLIS CAPITAL Bank and managed by their Supply chain management officer. The Technical Support Team provides onsite and remote support for their customers.


METROPOLIS CAPITAL bank strictly follows the rules and regulations enforced by the government and the Central Bank. Therefore, they have obtained the ISO 31000:2009 certification. In addition to this, the areas of datacenters, branches, ATM and HQ is covered by CCTV and 24×7 monitoring is happening. Other security functions like VA scanning, internal auditing, and security operation done by the bank employees. They have purchased a VA scanning tool, Privilege access management (PAM) system, Endpoint detection and respond (EDR) system, Data loss prevention (DLP) tool, Web application firewall (WAF) and Secure mail gateway which are managed by the Technical Support Team.


It has been reported that an emergency is likely to occur where a work from home situation may be initiated. Therefore, you have been employed by METROPOLIS CAPITAL Bank as a Network Security Analyst to recommend and implement a suitable Security solution to facilitate this situation

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