Materials may be classified as either metals or non-metals based on their atomic elements, structure: Engineering Science Assignment, UK

Subject Engineering Science Assignment

Part 1a – Material science

Materials may be classified as either metals or non-metals based on their atomic elements, structure, and properties. Referencing supporting quantitative data, diagrams, and graphs complete the following:

  1. Qualitatively for the following 4 materials:

-steel (1045)

-aluminium (T4)

-unidirectional ‘S-glass-epoxy’

-‘carbon-epoxy’ fibre

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  • Describe and compare their structural properties including their atomic and general characteristics, specific strength, ductility/brittleness, and toughness.
  • Support your findings by referring to the quantitative data provided and their material characteristics such as atomic bonding.
  • Discuss their suitability for a bicycle frame or car body application. (700 words)

2. Explain with illustrations, the types of degradation (2 forms for each material) found in the 4 materials above (separately) and the problems that may be encountered when used for the above applications. Your discussion should include fatigue, corrosion, and delamination issues as appropriate with supporting diagrams (500 words)


Part 1b)

  1. In addition to their structural properties you are now required to examine with examples, the elastic, electrical and magnetic properties (including hysteresis – hard and soft) for the materials identified in activity 1a.
  2. Contrast theoretical material properties (including atomic structure and bonding) for the materials identified in activity 1a compared with values obtained through destructive and non-destructive test methods such as those provided in the table.
  • In particular explain what these test methods are and assess the data for density, tensile strength, strength to weight ratio (specific modulus), and operating temperature range.

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