MAN3118: You need to create a BI map, which contains some essential Key Performance Indicators for the business: Manager Decision makeing Assignment, UK

University University Of Surrey (UniS)
Subject MAN3118: Manager Decision makeing

Task 1 –Business Intelligence (BI): You need to create a BI map, which contains some essential Key Performance Indicators for the business. For instance, you can use the Power BI tool. The BI map should managers allow making strategic or operational decisions. The visualizations should provide actionable data insights. A snapshot of the PBI report should demonstrate your capability of using essential visuals such as time series with forecasts, timeline filters, tree maps, and others. Discuss the benefits of your PBI solution for the business.

 Task 2 – Machine Learning: How can machine learning or Artificial Intelligence support managers’ decision-making? Demonstrate how a decision tree algorithm can be used to gain insights. Discuss the advantages of an interpretable (explainable) machine learning technique versus a black box technique. Provide three business challenges that make use of AI & machine learning techniques.

Task 3 – Optimisations: What are typical business applications that rely on optimizations? Write a mathematical program that finds an optimal product mix. For instance, you can use the Excel Solver-Add In. Consider at least three products. Provide resource constraints such as material, labor time, and demand. Find the optimal solution for a particular instance.

Discuss potential shortcomings, extensions, and how managers can use optimizations to gain insights for decision making. Discuss, the importance of managers having the capability of doing optimizations. What are the differences between a manager and an analyst?

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