M/600/0251: HomeTool UK Ltd designs and manufactures a range of DIY tools: Unit 2 Communications for Engineering Technicians Assignment, UK

University University of Westminster (UOW)
Subject M/600/0251: Unit 2 Communications for Engineering Technicians

Task 1   

HomeTool UK Ltd designs and manufactures a range of DIY tools for the European market. You have joined the company as a new trainee design engineer. Before starting on the detailed design of a new pistol grip hand drill tool range you need to source a variety of information so that you can carry out design calculations and costings.

Some of the information required is listed below and note that for this exercise you must use a range of both computer-based and non-computer based (see MOODLE for ideas) sources to satisfy this task:

1. ultimate tensile strength of steel

2. maximum service temperature of polypropylene

3. the contact details of a company that manufactures injection molded components

4. the contact details of a company that supplies UK 3 pin plugs (13A format)

5. prices for batches of 500 UK 3 pin plugs

a. safety data sheet for a multi purpose grease

6. contact details for a supplier of 4mm, 6mm and 8mm masonry drill bits

a.  prices for these masonry drill bits in batches of 500

7. contact details for a supplier of 4mm, 6mm and 8mm metal drill bits

a. prices for these metal drill bits in batches of 500

8. supplier part number for a 2Ah lithium-ion battery

9. the specification & part number for a suitable 12V motor to fit max length 60mm and max diameter 40mm.

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Task 2    

Provide clear evidence (actual evidence is required here – you should consider how you will show the evidence for your tutor) of 2 separate occasions where you have used appropriate ICT software packages and types of hardware devices to present information. Detail the specific software and hardware devices that you used on each occasion making sure that your two occasions specify different ICT software packages and different hardware types for each.

Suitable examples for this task could be (this is not a complete list and only some examples):

  • scheduling a meeting via an email communication (email & agenda etc. would be accepted as evidence);
  • preparing/presenting information using MS Powerpoint or Flowchart Software (evidence required);
  • preparing/presenting an illustrated information sheet/work instruction for a process (evidence required);
  • preparing/presenting an engineering drawing (evidence required);
  • using a spreadsheet to present technical information (evidence required);
  • presenting information via skype (evidence required).

If you are unsure then please discuss beforehand with your tutor for suitability.

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