Lillie Irish is a world-famous singer. Her latest song is called ‘Dazzling in my castle’. The song features a unique bass rhythm: Music Course Work, BU, UK

University Bangor University (BU)
Subject Music

Lillie Irish is a world-famous singer. Her latest song is called ‘Dazzling in my castle’. The song features a unique bass rhythm and a funky saxophone part, and it became an instant hit globally. She performed at a charity concert earlier this year where her performance was officially filmed. Unbeknown to Lillie, a group of teenagers recorded her performance, edited it and used it to produce a short film about a young pop singer’s life in the twenty-first century.

Recently, Lillie learnt that Petra, a rising star in the pop world, has produced a song called ‘Razzle-dazzle in my castle’. Lillie argues that the song title, bass rhythm and saxophone parts in the two songs are similar. Lillie is very unhappy about this. Lillie’s song ‘Dazzling in my castle’ is to be released as a single with Rony Music Entertainment, the leading recording label. Rony Music and Lille have signed an agreement whereby Rony Music have exclusive use of the album cover photo. A secretive photo shoot to create the album cover was arranged for Lillie by Kenzo, Lille’s agent. Kenzo and all the staff had to sign confidentiality agreements not to take photos of the photoshoot.

The shoot consists of an image showing Lillie surrounded by shiny artwork and jewellery in the orangery of Barnard Castle. Due to the high-profile status of Lillie and the high value of the jewellery, many security guards have been hired to guard Barnard Castle during the photoshoot. Unbeknown to Lillie, a freelance photographer managed to take a photo of the photoshoot using long-range lenses. The photographer later sold the photo to The Daily Galaxy. Last week, Lillie noticed that The Daily Galaxy published a photo of her album cover in the tabloid.

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