7PS032: You need to write a research proposal. It must be a quantitative research proposal: Research Methods Course Work, UOW, UK

University University of Wolverhampton (UOW)
Subject Research methods

Section One: Research Proposal
Overview of the task

For this part of the assessment, you need to write a research proposal. It must be a quantitative research proposal. It cannot be for a qualitative piece of research, as this module focuses on quantitative methodology and statistics.

This will likely be something new for most of you. A research proposal forms the basis of any good research. It feeds into an ethics application, to the running of research, and ultimately into report writing.

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You are all at different stages of your MSc program. For some of you this will be the first module, for others the tenth and for yet more of you anywhere from two to nine! It is therefore important that you work to the stage of your MSc. The requirements are the same for all of you – so what is the difference?

The difference is that those of you who have completed six or more modules might be looking to formulate a proposal that offers the  basis of your dissertation. That is not to say that the rest of you should not do so. It is saying that it is up to you to decide whether you write a proposal based on the topic of your desired research area for your dissertation. Do bear in mind that no dissertation topics are guaranteed, and it is not a prerequisite of your dissertation module that you write a proposal – we are giving you the opportunity to do so here. Make the most of it! You have potential here to receive invaluable feedback on your submission that will benefit your dissertation process when it does come round for you.

What we will do however, is in the marking, take on board where you are at with your degree. Therefore, it is essential that you provide the responses to the first two statements in the submission checklist: How many modules have you completed? And Do you intend to follow this proposal through for your dissertation?

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