LAWS2040: Ansi purchases the freehold of a house, to use as her home For financial reasons, she asks her friend Bob: Land Law Assignment, UOS, Ireland

University University of Southampton (UOS)
Subject LAWS2040: Land Law

1) Ansi purchases the freehold of a house, to use as her home. For financial reasons, she asks her friend Bob if he would like to live on the property too. Ansi tells Bob that if he pays the utility bills, and takes responsibility for general repairs and maintenance, then she would be `happy to share the house with him. Any pays all other bills, including the mortgage and food. Unfortunately, Bob has been unsuccessful in securing full-time work, which means that he is not always able to pay all of the utility bills.
An often has to top up the payments. In addition, after 2 years, the roof developed a leak. Bob attempted to fix this himself and, whilst there has been an improvement, water still comes in during heavy thunderstorms. After another year, Ansi feels that it is not working out with Bob, and asks him to leave. Advise Bob.

2) Celeste rents a flat to her friend Donkor. Initially, it is an informal arrangement, with Donkor paying £500 a month for the flat. However, after a year of this arrangement, Donkor becomes concerned about the precarity of his position. He asks Celeste to formalize the lease. Celeste writes out that Donkor will continue to be the tenant of the flat, paying rent every month as agreed, for the rest of his (Donkor’s) life if he so pleases. There is no doubt that Donkor has exclusive possession. Unfortunately, Celeste dies soon after, and the freehold reversion is inherited by her son, Eric. Eric wants Donkor out of the flat and gives him notice that the lease will end after 2 more months. Advise Donkor.

3) Fadou is the registered proprietor of his home. He particularly enjoys the view from his front window. He enters into a written agreement with his neighbor Ginny, who is the registered proprietor of the house in front of Fadou’s, that she will not erect any fence, plant, or building that might unreasonably spoil the view from Fadou’s front window. At the same time, Fadou agrees that Ginny can take a shortcut through his garden in order to reach the local shops.

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