KB7044: Know how to perform correlation and regression analyses on a set of given data and interpret the results: Engineering Management Data Analysis Assignment, NUN, UK

University Northumbria University Newcastle (NUN)
Subject B7044: Engineering Management Data Analysis

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this assignment, you will:

1. Know how to perform correlation and regression analyses on a set of given data and interpret the results.
2. Perform straightforward statistical inferences.
3. Practice the principle of a risk-based approach to data analysis through a
mathematical case study with analytical and numerical approaches.
4. Use the probabilistic-based method so derived to support decision making under uncertainty.
5. Be able to carry out your own literature research prior to solving engineering decision-making problems (in the form of an independent learning project) and present the result with an in-depth discussion.

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Your first task is to investigate if there are reasonable relations between uncertainty and actual stress in the section. Your first set of tasks will be to carry out the necessary analysis based on the coverage of the module and present the results of your analysis. A set of data is collected from the field based on 22 cases of deployment. The table shows the customer specification of mean load, the design stress values used by the design office, the actual stress measured in service, and the Load Variation factor which varies between 1 – 3 (1 least variation and 3 large variations expected). Note – customer inputs – Mean Load, Load Variation Factor; Current practice – design stress, safety factor (constant value but not disclosed to you). Unknown until field measurement.

Task 1

Plan and carry out the various analyses that you think are necessary for this investigation based on data from Table 1. The result should enable to company to carry out a quick assessment of the risk of yielding materials for a new job based on customer inputs.

Task 2

The supplier of material provides a datasheet that states the yield stress of the material is 130 MPa. You have ordered a tensile test of a sample consisting of 10 specimens, the results are shown in Table 2. Plan and prepare the necessary analysis to investigate the validity of data specified by the supplier.

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