In this task, you are asked to review one of the academic articles that are part of the module’s essential readings: Security Studies Assignment, UCL, UK

University University of London (UOL)
Subject Security Studies Assignment

Task 1: Scholarly Article Review (1500 words)

Task 1: Scholarly Article Review (1500 words)

In this task, you are asked to review one of the academic articles that are part of the module’s essential readings. The text should be treated like an essay, with full referencing and a bibliography an absolute necessity. Further details on what is expected of a scholarly article review can be found below.

  1. Choose one of the academic articles or book chapters from the following list:
    • Security as Emancipation:Ken Booth “Security and emancipation.” Review of International studies 4 (1991): 313-326.
    • Human Security:  Christie, Critical voices and human security: to endure, to engage or to critique?Security Dialogue, 41.2 (2010) 169-190.
    • Constructivism: Nina Tannenwald, The Nuclear Taboo(2007), Chapter 1 ‘Introduction’ (pages 1 to 28).
    • Securitisation: Claire Wilkinson, ‘The Copenhagen School on Tour in Kyrgyzstan: Is Securitization Theory Useable Outside Europe?’, Security Dialogue, 38.1 (2007), pp. 5-25.
    • Ecological Security: Maria Julia Trombetta, “Environmental security and climate change: analysing the discourse.” Cambridge Review of International Affairs4 (2008): 585-602.
    • Feminist Security Studies:  Ann Tickner, “Feminist responses to international security studies.” Peace Review16.1 (2004): 43-48.
    • Postcolonialism: Pnar Bilgin, “The ‘Western-centrism’ of security studies: ‘Blind spot’ or constitutive practice?.” Security Dialogue6 (2010): 615-622.
    • Race: Chengxin Pan, “Racialised politics of (in) security and the COVID-19 Westfailure.” Critical Studies on Security(2021): 1-6.

Critical Terrorism Studies: Adrian Cherney, and Kristina Murphy. “What does it mean to be a moderate Muslim in the war on terror? Muslim interpretations and reactions.” Critical studies on terrorism 9.2 (2016): 159-181.

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