Identify that police is one of the important characteristics in the justice society to reduce crime in the community: Security and Offender Management Assignment, DC, Ireland

University Derby College (DC)
Subject Security and Offender Management

Question 2:

From the learning, I make an opinion about offender management and I identify that police is one of the important characteristics in the justice society to reduce crime in the community. Learning about offender management is one of the important aspects that lead to the reduction of crime in society. Through offender management, victims get their justice in the cross response of crime and reoffering threats which are faced by them. I learned that offender management help to improve the quality of life of the communities and reduces the negative impact of the crime and reduces the victim of crime from the critical environment.

It emphasizes the relationship, and community responsibility and provides a better understanding which is effective (Fox et at. 2018). I analyze that this offender management in the community improves the confidence of the people in the criminal justice system considering their living. I identified that police in their offender management procedure collect various records and documents of the criminal and indicate the reduction of crime aspect from the society. Law and justice system for the victim provides accurate justice and leads to a quality of living in society. Offender management makes a wide partnership to identify the local concern and increase supervision for the country’s public services and manage the voluntary basis that addresses the formal arrangement.

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