Identify a strategic change based on a critical environmental analysis of your chosen organization: culture issue in management Assignment, KCL, UK

University King's College London (KCL)
Subject culture issue in management Assignment


Select an industry in which you are interested. It may be one in which you are currently working, aspire to work, or are otherwise familiar. It might include, for example, commercial airlines, banking, fashion retail, food retail, beauty, IT, publishing, hospitality, leisure and tourism, automotive, construction, insurance, pharmaceutical, film, oil and gas, mining, sport etc

  • Identify a strategic change based on a critical environmental analysis of your chosen organization, illustrate in detail country culture (as external factors) and organizational culture (as internal culture)
  • Devise a strategy to deliver this change based on a critical review of a range of organizational change strategies
  • Critically evaluate how the change might impact organizational culture. Make critical recommendations for how the change can be managed to overcome potential resistance and mitigate impact on performance;

• Based on close critical analysis of leadership styles and followership, evaluate the leadership capabilities needed to deliver this change and what approaches might support decisions on how to lead this change

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