HSO5007 Person-Centred Care in Health and Social Care, Assignment, RCL, UK

University Regent College London ( RCL)
Subject HSO5007 Person-Centred Care in Health and Social Care


The purpose of any introduction in academic work is to provide the reader with a clear idea of what the assignment’s aim/purpose is; what it would cover and how the learning outcomes will be met.

Learning Outcomes:

LO1: Identify the information required to make an appropriate needs assessment, including the use of observation and communication skills when planning and delivering care

LO2: Examine the importance of service user involvement and anti-discriminatory practice when delivering and improving care provision.

LO3: Apply relevant policy, legislation, and guidelines in relation to current best practices when planning person-centred care.

LO4: Illustrate the process and stages of planning and delivering person centred care, considering multi-agency working.

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